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Acupuncture Braintree Essex (CM7): If you have been suffering from a medical condition and traditional medical care has failed to give you any relief, it may be a good time to try something else entirely, and acupuncture may be just the ticket. Though of course any sort of treatment should depend on what illness you're experiencing, acupuncture can help an array of ailments, pains and aches. Whilst some people have frequent acupuncture treatments in Braintree so that they can maintain health and wellbeing, others try acupuncture to treat specific health issues.

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Patients of any age, even very young children can be given acupuncture treatments and the practice is traditionally used to relieve conditions like postoperative pain, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, stress and back pain. The most respected acupuncturists will generally be registered members of the British Acupuncture Council, therefore when you're in need of a therapist in Braintree, make certain they are registered with this respected organisation.

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About Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy where thin needles are placed into the client's skin to obtain curative results. A professional specialist in acupuncture will help to soothe problems linked to postoperative pain, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, stress and back pain in cases where conventional medical avenues have failed to help. As well as stuff like dietary therapy, massage (tui na), herbal medicine, cupping therapy, gua sha, bonesetter (die-da) and exercise (qigong), acupuncture is practiced across the world and is a pseudoscience and alternative therapy which forms a principal component of traditional Chinese medicine.

Practiced for over 3,000 years, acupuncture was developed as a way of opening up the energy channels to free the circulation of life force, or Qi, to help with pain alleviation. Focusing on the stimulation of the nerve endings that are located just under the surface of the skin, modern medical acupuncture treatment increases the secretion of endorphins to relieve pain and irritation around the entire body. If you've got any doubts about the effectiveness of what was at one time regarded as a "quack" procedure, you can rest assured that the beneficial effects of acupuncture have been studied and confirmed for a broad range of medical conditions, and studies have been published with the evidence uncovered. The treatment can additionally be applied as a kind of relaxation technique for individuals affected by anxiety and stress disorders.

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Most professional acupuncturists in Braintree will request that you attend a consultation, which takes place before your first acupuncture treatment. You'll be asked a couple of basic questions in relation to your personal lifestyle. This session aids the acupuncture professional to create a treatment plan designed exclusively for you. Certainly, it isn't out of the ordinary for two individuals with quite similar symptoms to receive 2 completely different treatment solutions. Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised if you come across someone else in Braintree who's receiving a totally different course of acupuncture treatment, although they're being affected by precisely the same issues as you are.

The acupuncture treatment consists of inserting thin needles into the meridian lines of the body that correspond to the patient's particular symptoms. Quite often these can be in places that don't, at first, seem related to the problem area. An example might be that to be able to get rid of a severe headache the acupuncturist could stick needles into the meridian point located on the patient's hand. Many of the more frequently used treatment spots are located upon the legs and lower limbs, which makes it a great idea to wear loosish fitting clothes to permit accessibility to those areas.

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Immediately after treatment it's only natural to feel dopy and tired. Driving a motor vehicle directly after a treatment is therefore not really a good idea. This allows your body to recover in a natural way, giving it time to rest for a short period. This feeling of lethargy will often last for an hour or more, therefore you should factor this into any work plans that you have.

Included in the acupuncture discipline are a number of different sorts of treatment, some that have their distinct applications and some which are standalone procedures. Some of these treatments can be found in the Braintree area, for others you'll need to travel further afield. Some of the favoured treatments include: Chinese acupuncture, fire needling, Japanese acupuncture, tuina, sonopuncture, cupping therapy, auriculotherapy, electro-acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, dry-needling acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion and some less well known ones.

Acupuncture treatments are available in Braintree and also in nearby places like: Halstead, Silver End, Great Notley, Black Notley, Coggeshall, Great Dunmow, Shalford, Gosfield, Bocking, Witham, Finchingfield, Rayne, Panfield, Bradwell, Stisted, Chelmsford, Cressing, Great Leighs, and in these postcodes CM7 0TD, CM7 1FS, CM7 1DG, CM7 0BR, CM7 0GR, CM7 0EN, CM7 0DZ, CM7 1EP, CM7 1FY, CM7 1BW.


The Credibility of Acupuncture

Various scientific studies and trials have been carried out over the years in an effort to disprove or prove the validity of acupuncture and the outcomes of such trials have come to no clear and verifiable conclusions. In the opinions of many medical professionals acupuncture is pure "quackery" with no place within conventional medicine and no scientific grounds for why it can be of any benefit to pain sufferers. Other critics suggest that any favourable effects that have occurred are the consequence of the "placebo" effect, where if a patient truly believes that it will work, that is exactly what WILL happen. Or in other words, the cure was psychological, not medical. Research to sidestep the "placebo effect" have also been carried out, wherein two groups of people with similar symptoms are split, with half being treated with fake acupuncture and the other half given authentic acupuncture therapy. Most of these tests have basically suggested that the "placebo effect"is more tenable than any real medical benefits being attributable to acupuncture.

As with a lot of things in life, you will only find out if acupuncture really works if you try. Therefore, if you've got a medical problem that has been troubling you, and conventional medicine has been unable to clear up the issue, you might think about trying acupuncture to find out if that can be beneficial for you. Should you feel a bit of relief, no matter how small, even if it is only attributable to the "placebo effect", then it could be regarded successful.

Infertility Acupuncture Braintree

Infertility Acupuncture Braintree (CM7)

If you live in Braintree and suffer from infertility, you might be looking for a helpful treatment that isn't prohibitively uncomfortable or expensive, but will still offer an answer to the condition. Acupuncture infertility treatments have not only been shown to be effective, but are also easier to tolerate than many alternative forms of treatment.

The reason that acupuncture for infertility in Braintree is believed to be helpful is because the blood circulation to the reproductive organs is elevated by this treatment. In turn this results in an increase in the health of the organ. Infertility acupuncture treatment is more effectual for problems like women's irregular cycles than it would be for something like a tube blockage.

However, you shouldn't assume that Braintree infertility acupuncture only has a positive effect on women, as men can also benefit from it. Overall, infertility acupuncture is considered to be a relatively safe treatment when compared with the alternative therapies, which is why it is often chosen by folks in Braintree.

Acupuncture - Does it Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture doesn't normally hurt to any great degree although acupuncture needles put in certain extremities (toes and fingers) might give a sharp prick. As the needles are inserted the patient might experience a pulsating or tingling, and once the needles have penetrated the patient's skin, a dull ache at the treatment area. The main reason for this is that the needles used are extraordinarily thin being something like one tenth the thickness of a standard hypodermic needle (the type used for injections), they range from about 0.12mm to 0.35mm thick. In the final analysis the experience of acupuncture will be totally different for each client, and what applies for one may not necessarily be the same for another, but by and large .... no, acupuncture doesn't hurt.

Moxibustion Therapy Braintree

Moxibustion Braintree (01376)

Moxa therapy (or moxibustion) is an alternative therapy that is sometimes used together with acupuncture and tui na (chinese massage). It involves the burning of dried mugwort (moxa) to stimulate and warm acupoints (energy points) on specific areas of the body. Moxa can be used in a number of ways including: in the form of a cone which is positioned on a protective medium directly onto the body, attaching it to the end of an acupuncture needle and as a moxa stick - a cigar shaped object which is burnt at one end. Moxibustion (moxa therapy) is used to promote healing, warm up the body and envigorate the circulation. Moxa therapy is regularly used for lack of energy, digestive problems, infertility, arthritis and pain alleviation. Moxibustion Breech - Some pregnant mums with breech babies, seek moxibustion treatments to correct this breech position (commonly at 32-38 weeks).

Acupuncture Points and Acupuncture Meridians

Acupuncture Needles Braintree - Acupuncture Points

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the human body has around four hundred acupuncture points and the majority of these points are located on one of the pathways or meridians which transport the life energy (chi or qi) and affect health and wellness. The main or primary meridians that are used in acupuncture treatments - the large intestine, the pericardium, the triple energizer, the heart, the kidney, the small intestine, the liver, the gallbladder, the spleen, the bladder, the lung, the stomach - number twelve in total, are all related to the body's internal organs. The other eight which are called the "extraordinary" meridians have no direct connections with the body's organs but simply share points with the prime meridians. Each of these points can be designated by the meridian on which they're located and their identifying numbers coincide with the position on that particular channel. These acupuncture points are given some quite elaborate names, for instance there are eleven points affiliated with the lung and they are named Supreme Abyss, Channel Gutter, Clasping the White, Lesser Shang, Middle Palace, Fish Border, Cubit Marsh, Palace of Heaven, Maximum Opening, Broken Sequence, Cloud Gate, and they're numbered LU-1 to LU-12 (though not in the order shown).

Information and Advice

Acupuncture Information Braintree

To discover more about acupuncture on social websites check this out. To follow conversations about acupressure, alternative therapies and acupuncture visit the Acupuncture Forum (here). Find out more about about clinical practices, the history of acupuncture, acupuncture needles, conceptual basis, how acupuncture is used around the world, conditions it can help and treatment safety, visit Wikipedia. Visit the British Acupuncture Council website to track down fully approved acupuncturists.

Like with all manner of things these days, there are numerous interesting YouTube video tutorials offering tips about acupuncture, so if you would like to see acupuncturists in action have a look at this.

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