Acupunctures About Us Page

Howdy, and I welcome you to my website. My name's Jose Griffiths and I set about designing and building websites around 10 years back. Believe it or not I'm actually a fencer by trade, and so the move to making websites was a bit drastic, nevertheless I fell into it quite easily and today it just seems to be "what I do". To be honest I've found it an interesting challenge, coming up with concepts and applying them, in some instances wishing to earn some dough from it other times merely doing it for amusement. This particular website is a bit of both of those.

I imagine that I'm not the only person to have become irritated when visiting sites to get continuous pop-up windows trying to peddle me crap I don't want and newsletters I will never look at, constant adverts and promotions shoved in my face which has little to do with what I am hunting for, and also needing to register or logon to do almost anything whatsoever on many websites. I would guess that you feel just as I do once the resulting spam emails start arriving and its necessary to waste your precious time every single day erasing this junk?

Well, while you might notice a bit of advertising on this website, it won't be jammed down your throat, you won't have to put up with any pop-up windows, you will not be requested to register or login and you won't get any spammy newsletters or emails. My website is not dynamic as a result stuff won't move around or take forever to load up.

Simple, easy to use websites will continually be my intent, containing webpages that are quick to load and which doesn't feature garbage you don't want. With any luck I have achieved this here or at least you will not have been annoyed by your visit here, perhaps you'll even have really enjoyed the experience. If so then I have succeeded in my work.

I am not actually an acupuncturist myself therefore please don't contact me with any inquiries in connection with acupuncture or for quotes for acupuncture treatments, the website is designed to steer you through the variety of ways to get yourself a trustworthy acupuncturists by yourself.

I cannot endorse or recommend any individual service, I have merely indicated some ways for locating one, the choice is ultimately yours.

I would like to to see you here once again soon and thank you yet again for visiting.