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Acupuncture Horley Surrey (RH6): If you've been going through traditional medical treatments and they have been unsuccessful in giving you relief from your medical condition, it might be advisable to try one of the alternative therapies for instance acupuncture or acupressure. Though of course any course of treatment that you take is dependent upon what condition you happen to be battling with, acupuncture can help an array of pains, ailments and aches. While some folks have routine acupuncture procedures in Horley in an effort to maintain a level of good health, others try acupuncture to overcome specific health problems.

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Frequently used to treat lower back pain, migraine headaches, sleeping disorders, postoperative pain, anxiety and arthritis, acupuncture is appropriate for patients of all ages, even for very young children. Whilst acupuncture and other "alternative therapies" are on the whole unregulated at this time, it is best to ensure that you get an acupuncturist in Horley who is professionally qualified and who's affiliated with the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

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What is Acupuncture?: Acupuncture is an old Chinese therapy by which thin needles are inserted into the patient's skin for therapeutic outcomes. With the correct training an acupuncturist will be able to minimize discomforts which conventional medicine has tried unsuccessfully to overcome, and is particularly useful with ailments like lower back pain, migraine headaches, sleeping disorders, postoperative pain, anxiety and arthritis. As well as techniques like gua sha, exercise (qigong), herbal medicine, massage (tui na), dietary therapy, bonesetter (die-da) and cupping therapy, acupuncture is used across the globe and is an alternative medicine and pseudoscience which forms a pivotal component of traditional Chinese medicine.

Practiced for over three thousand yrs, acupuncture was used as a methodology for opening up the energy channels to free the circulation of life force, or Qi (pronounced chee), to aid pain alleviation. Increasing the release of endorphins (produced by the central nervous system) to numb pain and irritation throughout the body, modern medical acupuncture treatment is based around the stimulation of nerve endings located just underneath the skin layer. No matter which method you opt for, the benefits of acupuncture have been investigated and acknowledged for a wide variety of medical disorders. The treatment can additionally be utilized as a kind of relaxation treatment for those who are afflicted by anxiety and stress problems.

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In advance of the first treatment, you will discuss with a consultant acupuncturist your symptoms and you'll be asked some typical questions regarding your personal lifestyle and general health and wellness. Getting to grips with you and your illness, and developing a plan of treatment that will be best for your personal needs, is the intent of this initial consultation. Sometimes there might even be a scenario where two patients will receive two totally different treatment plans in spite of the fact that they've got virtually identical symptoms. It's quite feasible that you will be aware of another person in Horley with pretty much identical symptoms to you who's being given a totally different acupuncture treatment solution.

The treatment consists of placing fine needles into the meridian lines in the body which match the patient's particular symptoms. These insertion areas will normally not immediately be associated with the problem area within the body, or leastways not in a layman's eyes. For instance, a needle may be inserted into a meridian point on the hand of a sufferer to relieve a migraine. Most of the frequently used meridian points are situated in the lower limbs and legs, therefore when heading off for an acupuncture appointment, wearing loose clothes to allow quick access is always a wise idea.

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It's perfectly normal to feel dozy and exhausted after an acupuncture session. Driving a vehicle straight after a treatment session is thereby not really a good idea. This allows your body to recover in a natural way, allowing it to rest for a little while. Work plans may also be impacted considering that these feelings of lethargy can continue for several hours or more.

Bundled within the acupuncture discipline are numerous different sorts of treatments, some which have their distinct objectives and others which are standalone procedures. Some of these treatments are available in the Horley area, for the others you might have to search elsewhere. Among the most widely used forms include: electro-acupuncture, cupping, Japanese acupuncture, acupressure, dry-needling acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, moxibustion, sonopuncture, trigger point acupuncture, Chinese acupuncture, tuina, fire needling and others.

Acupuncture treatments are offered in Horley and also in: Blindley Heath, Charlwood, Sidlow, Smallfield, Salfords, Newdigate, Newchapel, Leigh, Burstow, Redhill, Felbridge, Shipley Bridge, South Nutfield, Crawley, Norwood Hill, Horne, and in these postcodes RH6 6AT, RH6 6AQ, RH6 7AJ, RH11 0QA, RH6 0LL, RH6 7BU, RH6 7BY, RH6 7BA, RH6 0HQ, RH6 0PE.

Acupuncture Meridians and Acupuncture Points

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According to Chinese Medicine the body has more than 400 acupuncture points and pretty much all of these are situated on one or other of the meridians (pathways) which carry our life energy (qi or chi) and greatly influence health and wellness. The twelve main meridians used in acupuncture and acupressure which are all associated with the body's internal organs are the gallbladder, the pericardium, the large intestine, the small intestine, the kidney, the spleen, the stomach, the heart, the bladder, the liver, the lung, the triple energizer, the others (of which there are eight) are called "extraordinary" meridians. Each of these acupuncture points are identified by the meridian where they're situated and their numbers tally with their sequence upon that specific channel. There are some unique names which are associated with these acupuncture points and these 11 - Lesser Shang, Cubit Marsh, Supreme Abyss, Middle Palace, Cloud Gate, Palace of Heaven, Maximum Opening, Broken Sequence, Channel Gutter, Fish Border, Clasping the White - are those for the lungs, they're numbered LU-1 - LU-12.

Moxibustion Therapy Horley

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Moxa therapy (or moxibustion) is an alternative remedy that is often used along with acupuncture and tui na (chinese massage). It describes the process of burning dried mugwort (moxa) to warm and stimulate acupoints on specific areas of the body. For different complaints the moxa (mugwort) can be applied in various ways, such as fixing it to the end of an acupuncture needle, as a moxa stick - a cigar like contrivance which is lit at one end and in a cone shaped form which is placed on a protective medium directly onto the body. Moxibustion is used to encourage healing, heat up the body and stimulate the circulation. Moxa therapy is commonly practiced for weakness, digestive problems, arthritis, infertility and pain alleviation. Moxibustion Breech - Sometimes pregnant women who at 32-38 weeks have babies in the breech position, seek moxibustion to remedy this tricky predicament. Moxibustion stimulates the release of 2 pregnancy hormones, which can activate uterine contractions and prompt the baby to move position. (Tags: Moxibustion Breech Horley, Moxa Therapy Horley, Moxibustion Therapy Horley, Moxibustion Horley)

Infertility Acupuncture Horley

Infertility Acupuncture Horley (RH6)

If you are living in Horley and are going through infertility, you might be hunting for an effective treatment that isn't excessively uncomfortable or costly, but will still offer a solution to the problem. Infertility acupuncture treatments have not only proven to be effective, but are also easier to endure than some other sorts of treatment.

The reason why acupuncture for infertility in Horley is considered to be helpful is because the blood circulation to the reproductive organs is increased by this treatment. As a consequence of this the general health of the organ is increased. Things like irregular cycles in women are more easily helped by infertility acupuncture than a condition such as a blockage in a tube.

Nevertheless, you shouldn't think that this treatment is only effective for women, since men can likewise benefit from it. By and large, infertility acupuncture is regarded as being a relatively safe treatment for folks in Horley as compared with the the possible alternatives.

Does Acupuncture Work?

Does Acupuncture Work?

Individuals who are considering having acupuncture will obviously have certain doubts and queries with regards to the treatment, and one of the most often heard of these is "Does acupuncture work?" It would take a brave person to answer that categorically as it is a somewhat subjective question and depends on exactly who you're asking. Some patients will declare "acupuncture is wonderful and changed my life", as it clearly had positive results on their complaint, while other patients might say "it doesn't work" given it did not work for them. There is frequently considerable doubts with regards to the credibility and veracity of any medical procedures, especially alternative medicines. So these disparities are not at all surprising.

The Popularity of Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Pain Relief Horley

Although acupuncture is considered to be one of the alternative therapies, it's unquestionably one of the more prominent and regularly used of them. Estimations by the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) indicate that its registered members currently carry out roughly 2.3 million procedures per annum throughout Great Britain, and there is a fast growing army of exponents looking to become qualified therapists. Generally acknowledged today as a useful therapy for a lot of diverse illnesses and complaints and much of the stigma that once was attached to acupuncture has become a thing of the past.

Acupuncture Enquiries Surrey

Surrey Acupuncture Enquiries

Recently posted Surrey acupuncture enquiries we've received: Amira Moore in Ewhurst, Surrey needs an acupuncturist who can treat shoulder pain. Mahdi Johnson in Earlswood needs an acupuncturist who will treat tennis elbow. Jayson Patterson in Chilworth, Surrey would like to book an appointment with a specialist to use acupuncture to treat a sleeping disorder. Walter Inman from Capel, Surrey needs to book an appointment with an acupuncturist who can treat neck pain. Aliyah Webster in Horne would like to find someone to use acupuncture to treat neck pain. Brayden Steele from Flexford wants to locate a specialist who can use acupuncture to treat epilepsy. Meghan Baker in The Sands, Surrey needs an appointment with an acupuncturist who will treat anxiety. Gracie Winfield from Godstone, Surrey wants to find a specialist who can treat wrist pain with acupuncture.

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