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Acupuncture Nelson Lancashire (BB9): If you are impacted by a health issue and have not been able to get an answer through the use of traditional medical channels you should give some thought to giving acupuncture a try. Acupuncture can be used on all sorts of ailments, aches and pains, although any course of treatment that you take depends upon what ailment you are suffering from. Acupuncture is not just employed to assist with certain medical conditions, but some people in Nelson undergo frequent applications in order to maintain good health.

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Widely used to treat back pain, headaches, sleeping problems, postoperative pain, arthritis and anxiety, acupuncture can be given to patients of any age, even babies and toddlers. While acupuncture as well as other "alternative therapies" are on the whole unregulated at this time, it would be wise to be sure that you use an acupuncturist in Nelson who is professionally qualified and who's a member of the BAcC (British Acupuncture Council).

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What is Acupuncture?: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment when thin needles are inserted into the person's skin for therapeutic reasons. With the appropriate training an acupuncturist can ease symptoms which conventional medical avenues have tried unsuccessfully to cure, and is particularly helpful with afflictions such as back pain, headaches, sleeping problems, postoperative pain, arthritis and anxiety. A central element of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) along with stuff like bonesetter (die-da), cupping therapy, exercise (qigong), herbal medicine, gua sha, massage (tui na) and dietary therapy, acupuncture is a pseudoscience and alternative therapy which is practiced across the world.

Used as a procedure for opening the energy channels to release the circulation of life force, or Qi (pronounced chee), acupuncture has been practiced for over 3,000 years. The medical acupuncture treatment which is typically applied today targets the stimulation of the nerve endings located just underneath the skin which increases the release of endorphins to ease pain and soreness throughout the body. If you've got any reservations concerning the effectiveness of what was at one time considered a "quack" procedure, you can be assured that the beneficial effects of acupuncture have been analyzed and acknowledged for a wide variety of medical illnesses, and reports have been published with the evidence uncovered. The treatment can in addition be employed as a kind of relaxation strategy for people enduring panic and anxiety disorders.

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The majority of competent acupuncturists in Nelson will request that you attend a preliminary consultation, which will occur in advance of your 1st session of treatment. You'll be asked some typical questions regarding your lifestyle. This aids the acupuncture therapist to formulate a treatment plan designed specifically for you. Indeed, it's not unusual for two patients with quite similar symptoms to receive two very different treatment procedures. So, you shouldn't be surprised if you encounter somebody else in Nelson who's having a different course of treatment, despite the fact that they are experiencing exactly the same symptoms as you are.

The treatment consists of inserting thin needles into the meridian lines in the body that match your symptoms. In many instances these are in places that don't, at first sight, seem to be connected to the problem area. To explain this more plainly, an acupuncturist may stick a needle in the meridian point on the client's hand in order to ease a neck pain or a migraine. Many of the most frequently used treatment points are located on the legs and lower limbs, so it's preferable to wear loosish fitting clothing to enable quick access to these areas.

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Soon after treatment you are likely to feel drained or dozy. It is advised that you do not drive a vehicle straight after the procedure. It's crucial that you allow your body to recuperate naturally, allowing it enough time to relax before carrying on with your day. Because this feeling of drowsiness could possibly last for a few hours, work plans might be affected, so make allowances for this beforehand.

In Nelson and other parts of Lancashire, you'll discover that there are varied styles of acupuncture available, some of which are standalone treatments, while others have specific applications. Related techniques include therapies like: Tui Na massage, trigger point acupuncture, cupping therapy, Chinese acupuncture, fire needling, sonopuncture, guasha, moxibustion, Japanese acupuncture, dry-needling, acupressure, cosmetic acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, bee venom acupuncture and auricular acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatments are available in Nelson and also nearby in: Wheatley Lane, Roughlee, Barley, Burnley, Reedley, Barrowford, Winewall, Colne, Little Marsden, Padiham, Fence, Newchurch-in-Pendle, Briercliffe, Foulridge, Worsthorne, Brierfield, Blacko, Trawden, and in these postcodes BB9 0QE, BB9 0ER, BB9 0PG, BB9 0DX, BB9 0NT, BB9 0DR, BB9 0JN, BB9 0RU, BB9 0RP, BB9 0QL.

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Moxa therapy (or moxibustion) is an alternative remedy that is normally used alongside acupuncture and tui na (chinese massage). It describes the process of burning dried mugwort (moxa) to stimulate and warm acupoints on specific areas of the body. For different conditions the moxa can be applied using various techniques, such as placing it on the tip of an acupuncture needle, in a cone shaped form which is placed on a shielding medium directly on the body and as a moxa stick - a cigar like contrivance which is burnt at one end. Moxibustion (moxa therapy) is applied to stimulate the circulation, warm up the body and promote healing. Moxibustion is regularly employed for digestive problems, the relief of pain, infertility, lack of energy and arthritis. Moxibustion Breech - Sometimes pregnant women who at 32-38 weeks have babies in the breech position, try moxibustion to resolve this stressful situation. Moxibustion promotes the release of two pregnancy hormones, which can activate uterine contractions and motivate the baby to move into a better position. (Tags: Moxa Therapy Nelson, Moxibustion Nelson, Moxibustion Breech Nelson, Moxibustion Treatments Nelson)

The Validity of Acupuncture

The Credibility of Acupuncture

There have been lots of scientific studies and trials that have attempted to prove or disprove the legitimacy of acupuncture as a pain treatment and the results of such trials have mainly been inconclusive. Many advise that there is no scientific grounds for why acupuncture should work and pooh-pooh it as pure "quack medicine". The "placebo" effect is what other critics suppose is the answer, convinced that when there's been a positive outcome it is down to the fact that the client assumed that it would succeed, so it did. To put it differently, the cure was psychological, not medical. Research to get around the "placebo effect" have also been performed, wherein two groups of people with similar symptoms are split, with one half being given sham acupuncture and the other given genuine acupuncture therapy. Most often the outcomes of tests such as this have shown that changes are more likely to be the placebo effect rather than any legitimate medical benefit.

As with life experiences, the only way to find out if acupuncture really works is to try it. So, when you have a health problem and conventional medication or treatment has been unable to remedy it, why not have a shot at acupuncture?. Should you get some relief, no matter how minor, then it might be regarded as a success even if the end result was simply due to the placebo effect.

Acupuncture - Does it Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Despite the fact that acupuncture involves the insertion of sharp needles, the treatment rarely ever hurts at all, aside from a sharp prick when work is required on the toes and fingers. Most patients notice a bit of a pulsating or tingling as the needle is inserted and maybe a dull aching around the base of the needle after it's penetrated the skin. The main reason for this is that the needles used are really thin being about a tenth the thickness of a regular hypodermic needle (the type used for giving injections), they range from around 0.12mm to 0.35mm in thickness. In the final analysis the acupuncture experience will be completely different for each and every patient, and what is true for one will not necessarily be the same for another, but by and large .... no, acupuncture should not hurt.

Dry Needling Nelson

An alternative treatment that is frequently used by acupuncturists in Nelson, dry needling (or myofascial trigger point dry needling) has developed into a recognised kind of therapy. A sort of intramuscular stimulation, dry needling is often referred to as the "Western Acupuncture". Many actual advocates of alternative therapies, like physical therapists, acupuncturists and osteopaths would claim that it's far more about having a knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and basic anatomy. By locating trigger points, the practitioner will seek to establish the areas of the body that are afflicted by persistent spasms, muscle pain and soft tissue injuries. Targeting problems with posture, muscular damage and bodily imbalance, dry needling can be beneficial for many disorders.

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