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Acupuncture Caerphilly Wales: If you've been undergoing conventional medical practices and they have been unsuccessful in giving you any relief from your medical condition, you can try one of the alternative treatments for instance acupressure or acupuncture. Of course any sort of treatment that you take should be determined by what affliction you're experiencing, acupuncture is beneficial for a large number of ailments, aches and pains. While some folks seek acupuncture treatments in Caerphilly to alleviate certain health problems, others undergo routine treatments as a means to maintain health and wellbeing.

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Acupuncture is commonly used for the treatment of sleeping problems, stress, dental pain, migraine headaches, chronic pain and arthritis and is appropriate for patients of all ages, even babies. When you are searching for an acupuncturist in Caerphilly, Wales you'll want to make sure that they are members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which has over 3,000 qualified practitioners.

Acupuncture Caerphilly Wales

Acupuncture - A Brief Guide: The ancient Chinese healing process known as acupuncture, when fine needles are inserted into the sufferer's skin to obtain healing results, has been used for 1000's of years. A competent and professional acupuncturist might help to lessen symptoms related to osteoarthritis, lower back pain and migraine headaches to name only a few of the commonest problems. A pseudoscience and alternative therapy which is used across the globe, acupuncture is a leading element of traditional Chinese medicine alongside practices like dietary therapy, herbal medicine, cupping therapy, bonesetter (die-da), gua sha, exercise (qigong) and massage (tui na).

Employed as a method of opening your energy channels to free the flow of life force (Qi), acupuncture has been around for over 3,000 years. Increasing the release of endorphins to relieve pain and tenderness around the body, modern medical acupuncture treatment is based around the stimulation of the nerve endings situated just underneath the surface of the skin. Whichever solution you decide on, the beneficial effects of acupuncture have been investigated and identified for a great number of medical complications. If you are affected by any of the stress related problems such as panic attacks, anxiety and depression, you might find that some acupuncture sessions can help you to overcome them.

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Prior to your first treatment session, you will discuss your symptoms with a consultant acupuncturist and you'll be asked a number of basic questions with regards to your lifestyle and overall health. Getting to grips with you and your condition, and preparing a treatment plan that'll be targeted to your individual needs, is the objective of this preliminary assessment. In truth, it isn't uncommon for two individuals with virtually identical symptoms to undergo 2 entirely different treatment options. Therefore you could potentially have an acquaintance in Caerphilly with very similar issues to you who have received an alternative type of acupuncture procedure.

In the course of the procedure, the slender needles are inserted into the body's meridian lines which match the symptoms of the patient. In many instances these are in places that don't, to the layman, appear connected to the problem area. An example may be that in order to ease a migraine the therapist may insert a needle in the meridian point located on the sufferer's hand. Considerable numbers of the more commonly targeted treatment areas are found on the legs and lower limbs, so it's better to wear loosely fitting clothing to permit accessibility to those spots.

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As a result of treatment it's only natural to experience lethargy and tiredness. It is wise that you don't drive a vehicle immediately after acupuncture treatment. Before continuing with your day, it's imperative that you give your body some time to rest and allow it to recuperate naturally. Since these feelings of listlessness can sometimes last for an hour or more, work plans can be affected, so make allowances for this in advance.

There are many different styles of acupuncture offered in Caerphilly, every one having its own particular objective and some acting as stand-alone procedures. Connected practices include disciplines like: Japanese acupuncture, sonopuncture, dry-needling acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, acupressure, cupping therapy, cosmetic acupuncture, Chinese acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, Korean acupuncture, bee venom acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, Tui Na massage and fire needling.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Even though acupuncture requires the insertion of needles, the treatment seldom hurts, other than a sharp prick when work is required on the fingers and toes. When the needles are inserted the client may feel a tingling or pulsating, and once the needles have penetrated the skin, a dull aching around the treatment area. Acupuncture needles are really thin measuring from approximately 0.12mm to 0.35mm in thickness, meaning they're about one tenth the thickness of a standard hypodermic needle (the ones used for injections). The thing is what's true for one patient may not be the same for another, given that the experience of acupuncture is somewhat different for everyone, but by and large .... no, acupuncture will not hurt you.

Will Acupuncture Work For Me?

Does Acupuncture Work?

Now a regular question that is often asked is "does acupuncture work?", well I believe that there is no conclusive answer such a question because it is somewhat subjective. Certain patients may say "acupuncture doesn't work" given that it didn't work for their particular condition, while other patients may state "acupuncture is remarkable and transformed my life", as it evidently had positive results on them. There's typically considerable doubt with regards to the veracity and credibility of any procedures, especially complementary therapies. Therefore these differences are not at all surprising.


The Credibility of Acupuncture

Various studies and tests have been carried out over the years to try and disprove or prove the credibility of acupuncture and their findings haven't come to any clear conclusions. Many medical experts claim that acupuncture is just quackery, with absolutely no basis for why it should work in the ways maintained by practitioners. The "placebo" effect is what other critics imagine is responsible, convinced that when there has been a favourable outcome to treatment it is because the client simply presumed that it was going to work, therefore it did. Quite simply, the "cure" was psychological, not medical. Studies have additionally been done in an attempt to bypass the "placebo effect", with one group given mock acupuncture treatments and the other given the genuine article. Though the results have been mixed, most apparently lean towards the "placebo effect" being the most feasible.

As with life experiences, you'll only find out if acupuncture works for you if you try. So, you have little to lose by having a bash at acupuncture when you have a medical condition that your doctor has has been addressing. If you get some respite, however small, then it could be regarded as a success even if the final result was just because of the placebo effect.

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Although you might just be on the lookout for a professional who is able to do acupuncture in Caerphilly, Wales, but you can also get aromatherapists in Caerphilly, cognitive behaviour therapy in Caerphilly, osteopaths in Caerphilly, homeopathists in Caerphilly, reflexologists in Caerphilly, dieticians in Caerphilly, nutritionists in Caerphilly, reiki healers in Caerphilly, addiction therapists in Caerphilly, chiropractors in Caerphilly, shiatsu therapists in Caerphilly, alternative healing in Caerphilly or one of the other Chinese or alternative therapies. Certain Caerphilly acupuncturists practice one or several these treatments, therefore do not be frightened to ask about them.

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