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Acupuncture Portchester Hampshire (PO16): If you've long been undergoing traditional medical treatments and they've been unsuccessful in giving you a solution to a medical problem, you could try one of the "alternative treatments" for example acupuncture or acupressure. Acupuncture can be used for an array of ailments, aches and pains, although any sort of treatment should be dependent on what problem you are battling with. While some folks have repeated acupuncture treatments in Portchester in order to maintain health and wellbeing, others use acupuncture to help particular health problems.

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Used widely for the relief of back pain, insomnia, dental pain, arthritis, stress and headaches, acupuncture is suitable for patients of any age, even for very young children. Whilst acupuncture and some other "alternative therapies" are on the whole unregulated at the moment, it would be wise to be sure that you use an acupuncturist in Portchester who is certified and who is a signed up member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

Acupuncture Portchester Hampshire

A Brief Guide to Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an age old Chinese therapy in which fine needles are placed into the sufferer's skin to obtain restorative results. A qualified therapist in acupuncture is able to minimize problems involving back pain, insomnia, dental pain, arthritis, stress and headaches in instances where conventional medical practices have failed to help. A central part of traditional Chinese medicine as well as practices like herbal medicine, massage (tui na), dietary therapy, exercise (qigong), gua sha, bonesetter (die-da) and cupping therapy, acupuncture is a pseudoscience and alternative treatment that's used across the globe.

Acupuncture has been used for over 3,000 yrs and was implemented as a procedure for opening up your energy channels to free the flow of life force, or Qi (pronounced chee) which moves around the physical body. Centred around the stimulation of the nerve endings situated just under the skin surface, modern medical acupuncture therapy enhances the outflow of endorphins (produced by the central nervous system) to alleviate pain and tenderness around the body. The benefits of acupuncture treatments have been meticulously investigated and confirmed for a large number of medical ailments. The treatment can additionally be applied as a type of relaxation technique for anybody stricken by stress and panic problems.

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Most qualified acupuncturists in Portchester will ask you to attend a preliminary consultation, which should take place in advance of your 1st treatment. You will be asked several basic questions about your personal lifestyle. Getting to know you and your illness, and working out a plan of treatment that will be suitable for your personal requirements, is the purpose of this initial consultation. Occasionally it may even be the case that two patients will be given two entirely different treatment procedures despite the fact that they've got precisely the same symptoms. Therefore, you shouldn't dumbfounded if you encounter some other person in Portchester who's having a different course of acupuncture treatment, even though they're suffering from precisely the same issues as you are.

As soon as the treatment begins, tiny needles will be introduced into the body's meridian lines which are relevant for the person's conditions. Such insertion points are frequently in places that you wouldn't automatically associate with the problem at hand. To illustrate this more plainly, an acupuncturist will perhaps place a needle into the meridian point on the patient's hand in an effort to alleviate a shoulder pain or a migraine. Most of the commonly used meridian points are located in the lower limbs and legs, so when you are attending an acupuncture session, wearing loose fitting clothing to facilitate quick access is always a good idea.

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Shortly after treatment it is perfectly normal to feel fatigue and drowsiness. You should organise your visit so that you don't need to drive a motor vehicle immediately after you have been given the treatment. This allows your body to recoup naturally, giving it time to rest for a little while. Given that this feeling of drowsiness could possibly last for an hour or two, work plans can be impacted, so allow for this beforehand.

In Portchester and other areas of Hampshire, there are many different kinds of acupuncture on offer, some that are standalone treatments, while others have specific objectives. Among the most used related practices are cosmetic acupuncture, moxibustion, dry-needling acupuncture, acupressure, electro-acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, Chinese acupuncture, cupping, bee venom acupuncture, fire needling, Korean acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, sonopuncture, Tui Na massage and trigger point acupuncture.

Acupuncture therapies are offered in Portchester and also in: Cosham, Wallington, Fratton, Wymering, Catisfield, Portsmouth, Southwick, Hilsea, Port Solent, Widley, Purbrook, Farlington, Funtley, Lee-on-the-Solent, Drayton, Hardway, Fareham, and in these postcodes PO16 8DP, PO16 8JL, PO16 0LZ, PO16 8NX, PO16 8LU, PO16 8JF, PO16 8HX, PO16 8HD, PO16 8HL, PO16 8GF. Checking this out can guarantee that you are accessing local providers of acupuncture. Portchester residents can utilise these and countless other related services.

Moxibustion Portchester

Moxibustion Portchester (023/01329)

Moxibustion (or moxa therapy) is an alternative therapy that is generally used along with acupuncture and tui na (chinese massage). It describes the process of burning dried mugwort (moxa) to stimulate and warm acupoints (energy points) on specific areas of the body. The moxa (mugwort) can be applied by various processes including: in the style of a cone which is placed on a protective medium directly onto the body, attaching it to the end of an acupuncture needle and as a moxa stick - a cigar like contrivance which is burnt at one end. Moxibustion (moxa therapy) is employed to encourage healing, warm up the body and envigorate the circulation. Moxibustion is often practiced for arthritis, lack of energy, digestive problems, infertility and the relief of pain. Moxibustion Breech - Sometimes pregnant mothers who at 32-38 weeks have breech babies, seek moxibustion to rectify this stressful situation. Moxibustion encourages the release of 2 pregnancy hormones, which can bring on uterine contractions and motivate the baby to move into a better position. (Tags: Moxibustion Breech Portchester, Moxibustion Portchester, Moxibustion Therapy Portchester, Moxa Therapy Portchester)


The Credibility of Acupuncture

In order to prove or disprove the credibility of acupuncture as a treatment for pain relief, various trials and scientific studies have been conducted in recent times, and the fact that they've not come to any clear and definitive conclusions is no great surprise. In the eyes of most in the medical profession acupuncture is mere "quackery" with no place in conventional medicine and no scientific grounds for why it is of any help to sufferers. Other people believe that when a positive effect has transpired, this is merely because of a placebo effect, reasoning that if you believe it really is going to cure you, it is going to. In other words, the cure was not a medical one but a psychological one. Studies to bypass the "placebo effect" have additionally been done, where two groups of patients with similar complaints are separated, with one half being given sham acupuncture and the other half given real acupuncture therapy. In general the outcomes of tests such as this have demonstrated that improvements are more likely to be the placebo effect rather than any actual medical benefit.

In the final analysis, as with most choices in life, you'll only find out if you try. Therefore, if you have a health problem and conventional medicine has has been unable to resolve it, have a bash at acupuncture. Even if it's only because of the "placebo effect", any relief you are able to obtain should be welcome.

Acupuncture for Dermatological Complaints

Dermatological and skin complaints, respond well to acupuncture treatments. Acupuncturists in Portchester will offer treatments for:

  • Psoriasis
  • Pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Acne
  • Expression Lines/Wrinkles
  • Nerve rash
  • Herpes Zoster
  • Hair loss
  • Dermatitis
  • Varicose veins
  • Surgery Adhesions
  • Eczema
  • Dandruff

Skin complaints are a very common condition which many people in Portchester seek help for. Eczema affects 76% of all skin conditions and psoriasis affects 22%. Patients usually seek alternative or natural therapies as Western drugs such corticosteroids do not work and come with unpleasant side effects. With the right lifestyle advice, Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture there is usually a significant improvement in their skin with no side effects of conventional drugs.

Infertility Acupuncture Portchester

Infertility Acupuncture Portchester (PO16)

If you are suffering from infertility issues and are trying to find an efficacious treatment in Portchester that's not too unpleasant or costly, you might want to consider acupuncture as a solution. Not only much easier to tolerate than many other sorts of infertility cures, acupuncture has been shown to be highly beneficial for this problem.

It's believed that treatment with infertility acupuncture is effective because it boosts the flow of blood to the reproductive organs, among others. A marked improvement in the health of the organ can also result from this elevated blood flow. This might not always be the best treatment, as would be the case with with something like a blockage in a tube, but is particularly effectual for complaints like women's irregular cycles.

However, Portchester infertility acupuncture is not only beneficial when administered on women, it can also be a very effective solution for men with these problems. Overall, acupuncture for infertility is regarded as being a comparatively safe procedure as compared to the alternative therapies, which is why it is the chosen option for many infertility sufferers in Portchester. (Tags: Infertility Acupuncture Portchester, Acupuncture for Infertility Portchester, Infertility Acupuncture Treatments Portchester, Infertility Acupuncturist Portchester).

Dry Needling Treatments Portchester

An alternative treatment that's often used by acupuncturists in Portchester, dry needling (or myofascial trigger point dry needling) has become a favourite sort of procedure. Frequently called the Western variation of acupuncture, dry needling is a type of intramuscular stimulation (IMS). The many advocates who perform dry needling in Portchester, would no doubt state that it is much more an awareness of the musculoskeletal system and neuroanatomy. By uncovering trigger points, the therapist will seek to pinpoint areas of the body that are experiencing muscle pain, soft tissue traumas and persistent spasms. Addressing problems with bodily imbalance, muscular injuries and poor posture, dry needling can be beneficial for many different disorders. (Tags: Dry Needling Portchester, Dry Needle Therapy Portchester, Dry Needling Treatments Portchester)

Does Acupuncture Work?

Does Acupuncture Work?

Sufferers who are contemplating having acupuncture will clearly have certain concerns and queries about the treatment, and one of the most common of these is "Does acupuncture actually work?" It would be a brave man who would answer that categorically as it's a rather subjective question and will depend on who exactly you happen to be asking. Certain patients will say "acupuncture doesn't work" given that it did not work for their condition, whilst other patients in Portchester will claim "it's excellent and transformed my life", as it clearly had a positive effect on their complaint. There's frequently considerable doubts in regards to the reliability and credibility of any medical procedures, especially complementary medicines. So these disparities are not surprising.

Coming Soon: Gua Sha facial Portchester.

Related Treatments

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Acupuncture Enquiries Hampshire

Acupuncture Enquiries Hampshire

Recently posted Hampshire acupuncture related enquiries we have received: Corey Bowers from Baughurst, Hampshire would like to book an appointment with an acupuncturist who can treat a headache. Alayna Dickinson in Highclere needs a specialist to treat back pain with acupuncture. Camille Roberts in Totton needs to book an appointment with a specialist to use acupuncture therapy to treat a migraine. Marcel Palmer in Bransgore wants somebody who can treat vertigo with acupuncture. Cleo Elliot in Totton and Eling, Hampshire wants someone to treat vertigo with acupuncture therapy. Scarlet Nuttall in Oakley needs a specialist who can treat shoulder pain with acupuncture. Rome Mckay in Exton needs somebody to treat snoring with acupuncture therapy. Marco Littlewood in Harestock, Hampshire asked "is there anyone who does acupuncture near me?". All these local people conducted a search for "acupuncture Hampshire" and noticed this web page on Yahoo, Google or Bing.

Information, Help and Social Media

Acupuncture Advice Portchester

You are able to find far more information, check out research and discover ways to get acupuncture treatment on the National Health Service by visiting the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) website. Find out more about about treatment safety, the history of acupuncture, conceptual basis, acupuncture needles, how acupuncture is practiced around the globe, conditions it can help and clinical practice, you can take a look at Wikipedia and search for "Acupuncture". To follow conversations in relation to acupressure, alternative therapies and acupuncture visit one of the acupuncture forums. Discussion threads comprise alternative medicine, acupressure and acupuncture. To see the latest trends on social websites check this out.

Like with most things nowadays, there are quite a few helpful You Tube video tutorials offering advice about acupuncture, so if you want to see acupuncturists in action have a look at this.

Hampshire Acupuncture

Acupuncturists Portchester Acupuncturists Pain Treaments Acupuncture Therapy Moxibustion Acupuncture Portchester Portchester PO16 Hampshire Cupping 023/01329

In the Hampshire area you'll also discover: Whitehill moxibustion, Shawford acupuncture treatments, Hamble le Rice acupuncture, Milford on Sea acupuncture treatments, Anna Valley acupuncturist, Hordle acupuncture treatments, Botley acupuncture treatments, Kingsclere acupuncture, Cowplain moxibustion, Hordle acupuncturists, Bramley moxibustion, Dibden acupuncture, Greatham acupuncture, Bartley acupuncturists, Fawley acupuncture treatments, Selborne acupuncturist, Bursledon acupuncture therapists, Rowlands Castle acupuncture treatments, Froxfield acupuncturists, Rushmoor acupuncture therapy, Liphook acupuncture therapists, Milford on Sea acupuncturist, East Boldre acupuncturists, Boldre acupuncture, Cowplain acupuncture, Kings Worthy acupuncture, Wickham acupuncturists, Netley cupping therapy, Binsted acupuncturists, Pamber acupuncturists, Shipton Bellinger cupping therapy. All throughout Hampshire you will be able to find acupuncturists who will offer various treatments for your pain relief. If you cannot find a suitable acupuncturist in Portchester itself then you shouldn't have any problems finding one close by.

Portchester Acupuncture Questions

Portchester Acupuncture Questions

Just recently I was having a good look at the questions that folks ask in relation to acupuncture in Portchester. Quite a few of our web visitors put forward reasonable queries which are worth mentioning here. Those which I picked out were, "How does acupuncture work?" "Can acupuncture help fertility?" "Are acupuncture mats any good?" "What can acupuncture treat?" "Will acupuncture help fertility?" The majority of these queries have hopefully been covered on this webpage, and if some remain unanswered a "Q&A" section is presently being created. Our thanks go to Luca Mitchell, Lawrence Page, Saul Preston and Kaylee Boyd, for taking the time to pose these excellent questions. Offerings were also mailed in by Mckenzie Donaldson in Hardway, Kayden Mellor in Drayton and Genesis Garrett in Fratton.


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Also find: Purbrook acupuncturists, Hilsea acupuncturists, Farlington acupuncturists, Portsmouth acupuncturists, Cosham acupuncturists, Port Solent acupuncturists, Catisfield acupuncturists, Hardway acupuncturists, Fareham acupuncturists, Wallington acupuncturists, Lee-on-the-Solent acupuncturists, Southwick acupuncturists, Funtley acupuncturists, Fratton acupuncturists, Widley acupuncturists, Wymering acupuncturists, Drayton acupuncturists and more. All of these villages and towns are served by professionals who do acupuncture. Portchester residents can get acupuncture estimates by going here.

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People living in these Portchester streets recently enquired about acupuncture: Rooksway Grove, Linden Lea, Hatherley Crescent, Solent View, The Linnets, High View, The Causeway, Paradise Lane, Nyewood Avenue, Flamingo Court, Wren Way, Cygnet Court, Magpie Close, Kilmiston Drive, Cormorant Close, Lancaster Close, Romsey Avenue, Condor Avenue, Crest Close, Cams Bay Close, Stoneleigh Close, Saxon Close, Lapwing Grove, Merlin Gardens, Winnham Drive, and in these postcodes PO16 8DP, PO16 8JL, PO16 0LZ, PO16 8NX, PO16 8LU, PO16 8JF, PO16 8HX, PO16 8HD, PO16 8HL, PO16 8GF. Folks in these streets recently required acupuncture. Portchester residents were given high quality and competent acupuncture treatments in all cases.

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