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Acupuncture Portishead Somerset (BS20): If you're tormented by a medical problem and have been unable to find a remedy using traditional medical practices you need to look at giving acupuncture a shot. Obviously any course of treatment that you take is determined by what illness you are suffering from, acupuncture can help a large number of ailments, pains and aches. Acupuncture is not only employed to alleviate certain health problems, because some people in Portishead have regular treatments so that they can maintain health and wellness.

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Used widely to treat arthritis, neck pain, insomnia, anxiety, dental pain and headaches, acupuncture can be practiced on patients of all ages, even toddlers and babies. If you are in search of an acupuncturist in Portishead, Somerset you should make sure that they're registered members of the British Acupuncture Council.

Acupuncture Portishead Somerset

Acupuncture - A Potted Guide: Acupuncture is an age old Chinese procedure when thin needles are inserted into the client's skin for therapeutic outcomes. A proficient and experienced acupuncturist can help reduce conditions involving osteoarthritis, lower back pain and migraine headaches to mention a few of the commonest conditions. As well as techniques like bonesetter (die-da), dietary therapy, massage (tui na), cupping therapy, exercise (qigong), herbal medicine and gua sha, acupuncture is practiced all around the world and is a pseudoscience and alternative therapy which represents a leading component of traditional Chinese medicine.

Practiced for upwards of 3,000 years, acupuncture was developed as a method of opening up your energy channels to free the circulation of life force (Qi), to help with pain alleviation. Modern medical acupuncture is based around the stimulation of nerve endings immediately beneath the skin which raises the outflow of endorphins to help ease pain throughout the body. No matter which method you choose, the benefits of acupuncture have been studied and acknowledged for a broad range of medical maladies. The treatment can in addition be employed as a form of relaxation technique for individuals suffering from anxiety and stress disorders.

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Most qualified acupuncturists in Portishead will request that you attend a consultation, which should take place prior to your initial session. You'll be asked a number of basic questions regarding your lifestyle. The purpose of this initial meeting is so that the acupuncturist can evaluate you and your problems, and prepare a treatment plan that'll be perfect for your individual needs. Actually, it is not out of the ordinary for two patients with almost comparable symptoms to undergo two completely different treatment solutions. Therefore, don't be shocked if you bump into someone else in Portishead who's having an altogether different course of acupuncture treatment, although they are struggling with exactly the same problems as you are.

As soon as the acupuncture treatment starts, small needles will be positioned in the body's meridian lines that are associated with the patient's conditions. These areas will normally not be immediately connected to the problem area within the body, or at least not in the opinion of a non-professional. For example, a needle may be placed into a meridian point on the hand of a sufferer to relieve a migraine headache. It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes when you're booked in for an acupuncture appointment since a lot of the more commonly used treatment points are located in the legs and lower limbs and easy access to these parts is needed by the therapist.

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Immediately following treatment it is not uncommon to experience fatigue and drowsiness. Driving a motor vehicle right after treatment is thereby not really recommended. This allows your body to come round naturally, giving it time to rest for a short period. Since these feelings of lethargy can often last for a few hours, work plans might be impacted, so allow for this in advance.

You'll discover there are many different types of acupuncture offered in Portishead, each having its own objective and some acting as stand-alone treatment methods. Some of the most common related procedures are dry-needling, Tui Na massage, moxibustion, cupping, trigger point acupuncture, Korean acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, bee venom acupuncture, fire needling, sonopuncture, cosmetic acupuncture and auricular acupuncture.

Acupuncture therapies are offered in Portishead and also in: Wraxall, Weston-in-Gordano, Sheepway, Easton-in-Gordano, West Hill, Clevedon, Portbury, Walton Bay, Redcliff Bay, Avonmouth, Nailsea, Shirehampton, Tickenham, Clapton-in-Gordano, Clifton, and in these postcodes BS20 6RG, BS20 6JD, BS20 1BG, BS20 6AP, BS20 6EA, BS20 6PD, BS20 6EE, BS20 6LD, BS20 1AX, BS20 6BT.

Moxibustion Therapy Portishead

Moxibustion Portishead (01275)

Moxibustion (or moxa therapy) is an alternative remedy that is normally used together with acupuncture and tui na (chinese massage). It involves the burning of dried mugwort (moxa) to warm and stimulate energy points (acupoints) on specific areas of the body. Moxa can be utilised in a number of ways including: attaching it to the tip of an acupuncture needle, as a moxa stick - a cigar like contraption which is burnt at one end and in a cone shaped form which is set on a protective medium directly onto the body. Moxibustion is employed to stimulate the circulation, heat up the body and encourage healing. Moxa therapy is commonly practiced for infertility, digestive problems, weakness, the relief of pain and arthritis. Moxibustion Breech - Sometimes pregnant women with babies in the breech position, seek moxibustion treatments to correct this breech position (generally at 32-38 weeks). (Tags: Moxa Therapy Portishead, Moxibustion Portishead, Moxibustion Therapies Portishead, Moxibustion Breech Portishead)

Does Acupuncture Really Work?

Does Acupuncture Work?

People who are looking at having acupuncture therapy will probably have some worries and queries with regards to the treatment, and one of the most often heard of these questions is "Does acupuncture work?" It would take a brave person to answer that with any confidence because it's a rather subjective question and depends upon exactly who you're asking. Certain acupuncture patients will say "it doesn't work" given that it did not work for them, while other acupuncture patients in Portishead might say "it's amazing and transformed my life", as it clearly had a positive effect on their complaint. There is frequently considerable doubts concerning the reliability and authenticity of any treatments, especially alternative medicines. Therefore these disparities are not surprising.

The Validity of Acupuncture

The Credibility of Acupuncture

Numerous studies and tests have taken place which have tried to prove or disprove the validity of acupuncture as a treatment for pain and the results of these studies have been mainly inconclusive. In the opinions of many medical professionals acupuncture is total "quackery" with no rightful place within traditional medicine and no scientific basis for why it should be of any help to sufferers. Other critics suggest that any positive outcomes that have occurred are the result of the "placebo" effect, where if a patient truly believes its going to work, that is exactly what WILL in fact happen. Deducing that instead of it being a medically reliant "cure", it was entirely psychological. Studies to sidestep the "placebo effect" have also been performed, where two groups of patients with similar complaints are split, with half being given fake acupuncture and the other group given real acupuncture. Although results have been confused, most appear to lean towards the "placebo effect" being the most feasible.

As with many conundrums in life, you'll only find out if acupuncture works if you try. So, when you have a condition that has been tormenting you persistently, and conventional treatment or medication been unable to take care of the problem, you might look at trying acupuncture to find out if that can help you. Should you feel some respite, regardless how minor, even if it's solely because of the "placebo effect", then it could be looked at as successful.

Infertility Acupuncture Portishead

Infertility Acupuncture Portishead (BS20)

Lots of people in Portishead who sadly experience infertility are looking for a treatment which will provide a solution to their situation without being excessively costly or uncomfortable. Infertility acupuncture treatments have proven not only to be beneficial, but are also far easier to endure than some other sorts of therapy.

Because, apart from other benefits, it boosts the blood flow to the reproductive organs, acupuncture for infertility in Portishead is viewed as one of the most useful treatments in the therapists arsenal. This in turn results in an increase in the health of the organ. Infertility acupuncture procedures are more beneficial for problems like women's irregular cycles than they'd be for a condition like a tube blockage.

Infertility acupuncture procedures aren't just helpful when administered on women, they can also have a beneficial effect on men. Overall, infertility acupuncture is looked upon as a comparatively safe treatment in comparison to the alternative therapies, which is why it is the chosen option for a lot of infertility sufferers in Portishead.

Help and Advice

Acupuncture Help Portishead

To get more information regarding acupuncture needles, efficacy, treatment safety, how it is practiced around the globe, clinical practice, the history of acupuncture and conditions it can help, it would be a good idea to pay a visit to Wikipedia and search for "Acupuncture". To track down a directory of licensed acupuncturists in the Portishead area visit the British Acupuncture Council website. To follow discussions about acupuncture, acupressure and alternative therapies visit an acupuncture forum. Discussion topics comprise acupressure, acupuncture and alternative therapies. To find out what's happening on social websites check this out.

Like with a lot of stuff nowadays, there are a number of interesting YouTube videos giving tips on acupuncture, so if you would like to see acupuncturists in action feast you eyes on this.

Acupuncture Enquiries Somerset

Acupuncture Enquiries Somerset

Current Somerset acupuncture related enquiries: Joshua Wilkinson in Kingston St Mary needs somebody to treat wrist pain with acupuncture. Maximus Walker in Staplegrove, Somerset wants to find a specialist who can use acupuncture to treat arthritis. Aria Hooton from Axbridge, Somerset wants to book an appointment with an acupuncturist who will treat arthritis. Elis Mcclymont from Combe St Nicholas needs a specialist who can treat a sleeping disorder with acupuncture therapy. Elia Westwood from Brent Knoll, Somerset wants somebody to use acupuncture to treat infertility. Cali Mccarthy in Tintinhull wants an appointment with someone who can use acupuncture to treat sciatica. Kian Mackenzie from Otterhampton, Somerset wants someone who can treat gout with acupuncture therapy. Stuart Mcgowan in Easton in Gordano, Somerset needs a specialist to use acupuncture to treat insomnia.

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Portishead Acupuncture Questions

Portishead Acupuncture Questions

Just the other day I was researching the questions folks in Portishead ask in regard to acupuncture. A few of our visitors have put forward noteworthy questions which are worth a mention. The ones I picked are, "Can acupuncture help anxiety?" "How does acupuncture help fertility?" "Are acupuncture needles re-used?" "Will acupuncture help fertility?" "Why doesn't acupuncture bleed?" I hope that most of these enquiries have been answered somewhere on this page, and if that isn't the case a "Questions and Answers" feature will be added before long. Our gratitude goes out to Andrew Pearson, Aron Kennedy, Colby Read and Eliana Morley from Portishead, for making the effort to pose these excellent questions. Appropriate queries were also received from Alexa Garner in Wraxall, Ezra Mcintyre in Easton-in-Gordano and Ivy Rae in Portbury.


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