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Acupuncture West Bridgford Nottinghamshire (NG2): If you've for some time been tormented by a health issue and conventional medical care has failed to give you a solution, it could be the right time to try something else, and acupuncture could be what you need. Needless to say it will be contingent on just what issue you are dealing with, but acupuncture can be used on a host of of pains, aches and ailments. While some folks need acupuncture treatments in West Bridgford to help certain health problems, other people have repeated treatments as a means to maintain a level of good health.

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Acupuncture is very popular to treat insomnia, postoperative pain, neck pain, headaches, arthritis and stress and is suitable for patients of any age, even babies. The finest acupuncturists will normally be registered with the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), so when you're trying to find a therapist in West Bridgford, make certain that they are signed up with this trusted body.

Acupuncture West Bridgford Nottinghamshire

Acupuncture - What Is It?: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical process where fine needles are inserted into the patient's skin to achieve restorative benefits. With the appropriate training an acupuncturist will be able to eliminate health conditions which conventional medical avenues have failed to cure, and is especially effective with ailments like insomnia, postoperative pain, neck pain, headaches, arthritis and stress. Along with techniques like gua sha, massage (tui na), dietary therapy, exercise (qigong), herbal medicine, cupping therapy and bonesetter (die-da), acupuncture is used all over the world and is a pseudoscience and alternative therapy which forms a leading part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Practiced for more than 3,000 yrs, acupuncture was used as a procedure for opening your energy channels to release the circulation of life force, or Qi, to aid pain alleviation. The medical acupuncture treatment which is mainly used nowadays targets the stimulation of the nerve endings located just beneath the surface of the skin which raises the emissions of endorphins to alleviate soreness and pain around the body. If you have any worries concerning the helpfulness of what was at one time viewed as a "quack" therapy, you can be assured that the beneficial aspects of acupuncture treatments have been extensively investigated and confirmed for a significant number of medical issues, and research has been published containing the evidence discovered. Acupuncture is also a good choice for "relaxation" centered procedures which may be used to ease the impact of stress type issues such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

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For those who are new to acupuncture the initial step is a consultation ahead of your first session, when you will discuss your symptoms with a consultant acupuncturist and asked a few general questions with regards to your lifestyle. Guage you and your illness, and preparing a plan of treatment that will be suitable for your individual needs, is the objective of this preliminary meeting. The proposed treatment plans may be totally different even when there are two people experiencing identical symptoms. Consequently you may have a friend in West Bridgford with very similar complaints to you who have undergone a different kind of acupuncture procedure.

During treatment, slender needles are placed in the meridian lines of the body that match the symptoms. These insertion points are generally in locations that you would not immediately associate with the problem at hand. One example might be that in an effort to get rid of a headache or migraine the acupuncturist could stick a needle into the meridian point located on the sufferer's hand. It's wise to be wearing loose clothes when you are attending an acupuncture appointment since lots of the more commonly used meridian points are in the legs and lower limbs and quick access to these parts is needed by your therapist.

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It's fairly normal to feel tired or groggy after an acupuncture treatment. It is suggested that you do not drive a car right after the procedure. Before you continue with your busy day, it is important to give your body time to relax and allow it to recoup naturally and gradually. Considering that this feeling of lethargy will often last for an hour or more, work plans may be affected, so allow for this beforehand.

In West Bridgford and other parts of Nottinghamshire, there are various forms of acupuncture available, some of which are standalone treatments, while others have distinct applications. Amongst the most widely used forms include: guasha, auricular acupuncture, sonopuncture, moxibustion, acupressure, fire needling, electro-acupuncture, Chinese acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, cupping therapy, Japanese acupuncture, dry-needling acupuncture and some others.

Acupuncture treatments are offered in West Bridgford and also nearby in: Trent Bridge, Tollerton, Plumtree, Wilford, Sneinton, Bakers Field, Ruddington, Lenton, Bunny, Gamston, Nottingham, Keyworth, Clifton, Colwick, Edwalton, Normanton-on-the-Wolds, Beeston, and in these postcodes NG2 5JJ, NG2 5BW, NG2 3HF, NG2 5LS, NG11 7DT, NG2 5AA, NG2 5DG, NG2 6AD, NG2 5GF, NG11 6LS. Verifying this will guarantee that you're accessing local providers of acupuncture. West Bridgford residents are able to utilise these and countless other comparable services.


Acupuncture for Pain Relief West Bridgford

Even though acupuncture is recognized as one of the alternative therapies, it is unquestionably one of the more popular and regularly used of that group. There's a continuously increasing number of committed individuals qualifying to be acupuncture practitioners in Great Britain, and its been calculated that members of the British Acupuncture Council perform around two million acupuncture procedures yearly. Acupuncture is now widely recognised as an effectual therapy for a number of different complaints and illnesses and the stigma that used to be associated with it has largely evaporated.

Infertility Acupuncture West Bridgford

Infertility Acupuncture West Bridgford (NG2)

Lots of folks in West Bridgford who suffer from infertility are trying to find a suitable treatment that can provide a solution to their problem without being far too expensive or unpleasant. Acupuncture treatments are a great deal more bearable many other forms of infertility treatment, and have been deemed to be very beneficial.

Because, apart from other things, it improves blood flow to the reproductive organs, acupuncture for infertility in West Bridgford is regarded as one of the most helpful treatment procedures in the therapists arsenal. As a result of this the all round health of the organ is improved. Things like women's irregular cycles are more easily remedied by infertility acupuncture than something like a tube blockage.

Nonetheless, West Bridgford infertility acupuncture is not solely beneficial when administered on women, it can also be an exceptionally effective remedy for men with these issues. Overall, acupuncture for infertility is looked upon as a relatively safe treatment as compared with the alternatives, which is why it's often chosen by people in West Bridgford.

Cupping Therapy West Bridgford

Cupping therapy is a technique that creates a local suction on the skin by placing a heated cup over areas of the skin. It is mostly practiced in Asia but is also common in Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Despite its widespread use, some experts argue that cupping therapy is quackery and pseudoscience.

Cupping Therapy West Bridgford

Cupping therapy involves placing a warm-to-hot cup over certain areas of skin to create a suction effect that aids in the circulation of blood and lymph. The therapist heats the cup using alcohol, herbs and paper. This causes the skin to rise and the blood vessels to expand. The procedure normally lasts between five and ten minutes.

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine that is commonly used for treating muscle pain. However, it can also be beneficial for anybody experiencing muscle tension. Using glass, bamboo or plastic cups, a cupping practitioner will place one or more of these cups onto your skin. This creates a vacuum effect that is said to increase blood circulation and reduce muscle tension..

Moxibustion Treatments West Bridgford

Moxibustion West Bridgford (0115)

An alternative therapy that is generally used along with acupuncture and tui na, moxa therapy (or moxibustion) involves the burning of dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) on specific areas of the body to warm and stimulate energy points (acupoints). Moxa can be utilised in various ways including: fixing it to the end of an acupuncture needle, as a moxa stick - a cigar shaped object which is lit at one end and in the form of a cone which is set on a shielding medium directly on the body. Moxa therapy is employed to warm up the body, promote healing and stimulate the circulation. Moxa therapy is often practiced for pain relief, lack of energy, digestive problems, arthritis and infertility. Moxibustion Breech - Some pregnant women with babies in the breech position, try moxibustion treatments to correct this breech position (typically at 32-38 weeks). (Tags: Moxibustion West Bridgford, Moxa Therapy West Bridgford, Moxibustion Therapies West Bridgford, Moxibustion Breech West Bridgford)

Dermatological Acupuncture

Dermatological and skin complaints, respond well to acupuncture treatments. Acupuncturists in West Bridgford will offer treatments for:

  • Dermatitis
  • Expression Lines/Wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • Nerve rash
  • Acne
  • Scarring
  • Dandruff
  • Varicose veins
  • Psoriasis
  • Herpes Zoster
  • Pigmentation
  • Adhesions from Surgery
  • Eczema

Skin complaints are a very common condition which many people in West Bridgford seek help for. Eczema affects 76% of all skin conditions and psoriasis affects 22%. Patients usually seek alternative or natural therapies as Western drugs such corticosteroids do not work and come with unpleasant side effects. With the correct Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupuncture and lifestyle advice there is usually a significant improvement in their skin with no side effects of conventional drugs.


The Credibility of Acupuncture

In an effort to disprove or prove the credibility of acupuncture as a treatment for pain relief, various trials and studies have been conducted in recent times, and the fact that they've come to no clear conclusions is hardly surprising. Many people claim that acupuncture is just quackery, without any basis for why it should work in the ways that are maintained by practitioners. Others suspect that whenever there's been a beneficial effect, this is just due to a placebo effect, in that if you think it's going to cure you, it will do just that. Essentially, the cure was psychological, not medical. Research has also been carried out in an effort to circumvent the "placebo effect", with one group of people treated with sham acupuncture treatments and the other group given the genuine article. Nearly all of these tests have basically suggested that the "placebo effect"is more likely than any real medical benefit being gained from acupuncture. The jury's still out!

At the end of the day, as with many dilemmas in life, you will only find out if you try. Therefore, you've got nothing to lose by having a crack at acupuncture when you have a health problem that conventional medical treatments have has been unable to solve. If you obtain some respite, regardless how minor, even if it is only down to the "placebo effect", then it could be regarded as a success.

Acupuncture Points and Meridians

Acupuncture Needles West Bridgford - Acupuncture Points

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the body has over four hundred acupuncture points and the majority of those points are located on one or other of the meridians or pathways that carry the life energy (qi) and greatly influence wellbeing and health. The main or primary meridians used in acupuncture - the triple energizer, the large intestine, the heart, the bladder, the pericardium, the spleen, the lung, the small intestine, the gallbladder, the stomach, the liver, the kidney - numbering 12 in total, are all associated with the internal organs of the body. The other eight which are known as "extraordinary" meridians haven't any direct connections with the organs but purely share points with the primary meridians. Each individual one of these acupuncture points can be designated by the meridian (pathway) upon which they are located and their numbers tally with their point position upon that channel. These acupuncture points have been designated some unusual names and these ones - Cloud Gate, Fish Border, Cubit Marsh, Maximum Opening, Lesser Shang, Palace of Heaven, Channel Gutter, Supreme Abyss, Broken Sequence, Clasping the White, Middle Palace - are the 11 which are associated with the lung, and have the numbers LU-1 - LU-12, though not in that order.

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Recently posted Nottinghamshire acupuncture related enquiries we have received: Lillia Lavery in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire was looking for local acupuncturists in the Eastwood area. Rayhan Reilly in Market Warsop needs a specialist to treat shoulder pain with acupuncture therapy. Ewan Cousins in Bleasby, Nottinghamshire would like to find someone who can use acupuncture therapy to treat tennis elbow. Khadijah Wheatley from Netherfield, Nottinghamshire wants an acupuncturist who can treat arthritis. Effie Lloyd was looking forqualified acupuncturists near North Leverton with Habblesthorpe, Nottinghamshire. Hector Marr from Newstead wants someone to use acupuncture therapy to treat tennis elbow. Clarke Paisley from Tollerton, Nottinghamshire needs someone to use acupuncture to treat infertility. Jade Barry in Ravenshead needs to book an appointment with somebody to treat snoring with acupuncture. All of these local people searched for "acupuncture Nottinghamshire" and noticed this webpage on either Google, Yahoo or Bing.


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Sufferers in the following West Bridgford roads were recently enquiring about acupuncture treatments: Castlerigg Close, Bolton Close, Mona Road, Tudor Road, Harston Gardens, Harrow Road, Herons Court, The Poplars, Exeter Road, Wimborne Close, Finsbury Park Close, Dorchester Gardens, Victoria Road, Miriam Court, Balmoral Avenue, Epperstone Court, Church Croft, Chatsworth Road, Thoroton Road, Selby Road, Parkstone Close, Syon Park Close, Brockhole Close, Davies Road, Stockgill Close, Peveril Drive, Wisley Close, Glebe Farm Close, Canberra Crescent, Kingswood Close, along with these postcodes NG2 5JJ, NG2 5BW, NG2 3HF, NG2 5LS, NG11 7DT, NG2 5AA, NG2 5DG, NG2 6AD, NG2 5GF, NG11 6LS. Folks in these places recently asked about acupuncture. West Bridgford residents enjoyed the benefits of dependable and high quality acupuncture treatments.

West Bridgford Notts (Nottinghamshire): Located in the the county of Nottinghamshire in the East Midlands region of Great Britain, West Bridgford is a town and administrative centre. Located around 13 miles from Loughborough, 17 miles from Melton Mowbray and 2.5 miles from Nottingham, West Bridgford is circled by settlements like Normanton-on-the-Wolds, Tollerton, Colwick, Keyworth, Gamston, Bunny, Lenton and Beeston. West Bridgford has a population of about 47,000, has the postcode NG2, has the telephone dialling code 0115 and has the OS ref. SK 58673 37569. Boasting some major sporting venues along the River Trent, West Bridgford is a fashionable residential area with small parks and cosy pubs. For the latest local West Bridgford info look here. (Tags: West Bridgford Notts, West Bridgford UK, West Bridgford England, West Bridgford Nottinghamshire)

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