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Acupuncture Sevenoaks Kent: If you've been going through conventional treatments and they have failed to give you relief from your medical condition, you could try one of the alternative treatments such as acupressure or acupuncture. Though of course any sort of treatment should be determined by what condition you are experiencing, acupuncture can be used for all kinds of ailments, pains and aches. Whilst some folks look for acupuncture treatments in Sevenoaks to help with particular health issues, other people have routine treatments as a means to maintain health and wellbeing.

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Widely used to help with back pain, anxiety, arthritis, dental pain, headaches and sleeping disorders, acupuncture can be practiced on sufferers of any age, even for very young children. When you're in need of an acupuncturist in Sevenoaks, Kent it is wise to check that they are members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

Acupuncture Sevenoaks Kent

What is Acupuncture?: The procedure whereby thin needles are placed in the client's skin to obtain beneficial effects is called acupuncture, and is an age old Chinese procedure which has been practiced for hundreds of years. A professional specialist in acupuncture will be able to soothe conditions related to back pain, anxiety, arthritis, dental pain, headaches and sleeping disorders in cases where conventional medical practices have been unsuccessful. A leading component of traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with treatments like cupping therapy, dietary therapy, herbal medicine, bonesetter (die-da), massage (tui na), gua sha and exercise (qigong), acupuncture is a pseudoscience and alternative treatment that's used around the world.

Practiced for over three thousand yrs, acupuncture was used as a technique for opening up the energy channels to release the flow of life force, or Qi (pronounced chee), to help with pain relief. Concentrating on stimulating the nerve endings that are positioned just under the surface of the skin, modern medical acupuncture therapy increases the outflow of endorphins to help relieve pain and tenderness around the entire body. No matter which solution you pick, the beneficial effects of acupuncture have been studied and recognized for a broad range of medical illnesses. If you are affected by any of the stress type illnesses like anxiety, panic attacks and depression, you might find that an acupuncture session can help you to conquer them.

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Most professional acupuncturists in Sevenoaks will need you to attend a consultation, which takes place prior to your first session. You'll be asked some basic questions in relation to your lifestyle. This chat allows the acupuncture specialist to create a treatment plan exclusively designed to suit your needs. Occasionally there could even be a scenario where two people will receive two completely different treatment plans regardless that they have got virtually identical symptoms. Consequently perhaps you may know of somebody else in Sevenoaks with similar symptoms to you who have undergone another kind of acupuncture procedure.

Once the acupuncture treatment begins, tiny needles will be introduced in the body's meridian lines which are associated with the sufferer's ailments. These insertion areas will often not be immediately connected to the problem area in the body, or at least not in the eyes of a normal individual. One example may be that to be able to alleviate a migraine the acupuncturist may stick needles into the meridian point located on the patient's hand. It's a good idea to be wearing loose clothing when heading off for an acupuncture session since a lot of the more commonly used treatment points are in the legs and lower limbs and quick access to these areas is needed by the therapist.

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It's fairly normal to feel drowsy and tired after an acupuncture procedure. Driving a vehicle right after treatment is therefore not a good idea. It's crucial that you allow your body to recoup in a natural way, allowing it sufficient time to rest before you continue your day. Work plans can also be impacted since these feelings of listlessness can often continue for two or three hours.

There are several kinds of acupuncture offered in Sevenoaks, each one serving a distinct purpose whilst some act as stand-alone procedures. Amongst the most commonly used styles are: fire needling, Chinese acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, acupressure, auricular acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, sonopuncture, cupping, tuina, moxibustion, dry-needling acupuncture and other less well known ones.

The Validity of Acupuncture

The Credibility of Acupuncture

In order to disprove or prove the validity of acupuncture, various studies and tests have been carried out in recent times, and the fact that they've come to no clear and definitive conclusions is hardly surprising. Many report that acupuncture is simply quackery, without any basis for why it can work in the ways claimed by practitioners. Other critics theorise that any favourable effects that have taken place are the result of the "placebo" effect, where if a patient truly believes that it will work, that is precisely what WILL actually happen. Therefore, the "cure" was purely psychological and in no way medical. A number of the trials performed have sought to overcome the placebo effect by using 2 groups of patients with similar ailments, one group given authentic acupuncture, the other group given "sham" acupuncture. Almost all of these studies have in fact suggested that the "placebo effect"is more plausible than any true medical benefits resulting from acupuncture. The jury's still out!

The truth is, as with most dilemmas in life, the only way to find out is to try. Therefore, should you have a condition which has been bothering you for ages, and conventional treatment or medication been unable to remedy the condition, you might look into acupuncture to find out whether that can be beneficial for you. Even if it's just attributable to the "placebo effect", any pain relief you are able to obtain will surely be welcome.

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Although you might currently be in search of a therapist who can do acupuncture treatments in Sevenoaks, Kent, but you can likewise find shiatsu therapists in Sevenoaks, chiropractors in Sevenoaks, cognitive behaviour therapy in Sevenoaks, dieticians in Sevenoaks, reiki healers in Sevenoaks, aromatherapists in Sevenoaks, homeopathists in Sevenoaks, alternative healing in Sevenoaks, addiction therapists in Sevenoaks, nutritionists in Sevenoaks, reflexologists in Sevenoaks, osteopaths in Sevenoaks or one of the various Chinese or alternative therapies. A few Sevenoaks acupuncturists might also offer one or several such treatments, therefore you shouldn't be afraid to ask.

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