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Acupuncture Faversham Kent: If you've been battling with a health issue and traditional medicine has failed to give you a solution, it may be a good time to try something else, and acupuncture could be just what the doctor ordered. Acupuncture can help a wide variety of ailments, aches and pains, although any course of treatment that you take should be determined by what ailment you happen to be experiencing. While some folks seek acupuncture treatments in Faversham to eliminate particular health conditions, other people have recurring procedures in an effort to maintain health and wellness.

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Traditionally used to treat arthritis, sleeping disorders, headaches, dental pain, stress and chronic pain, acupuncture can be practiced on patients of any age, even for toddlers and babies. Whilst acupuncture as well as other alternative treatments are by and large unregulated at this time, it would be prudent to make sure you get a therapist in Faversham who is approved and is a registered member of the BAcC.

Acupuncture Faversham Kent

What is Acupuncture?: The procedure when fine needles are inserted into the sufferer's skin to gain restorative benefits is called acupuncture, and is an age old Chinese healing practice that has been practiced for hundreds of years. Armed with the proper training an acupuncturist can reduce health conditions which conventional medical channels have failed to overcome, and is particularly useful with afflictions like arthritis, sleeping disorders, headaches, dental pain, stress and chronic pain. In addition to techniques like bonesetter (die-da), herbal medicine, dietary therapy, cupping therapy, exercise (qigong), gua sha and massage (tui na), acupuncture is used all over the world and is a pseudoscience and alternative treatment which represents a leading component of traditional Chinese medicine.

Used as a method of opening the energy channels to release the flow of life force, or Qi, acupuncture has been practiced for upwards of three thousand yrs. Encouraging the release of endorphins to help ease soreness and pain throughout the entire body, modern medical acupuncture is based around the stimulation of nerve endings just underneath the skin layer. The benefits of acupuncture treatments have been analyzed and identified for a great number of medical maladies. Acupuncture is also a good choice for "relaxation" centred procedures that are used to alleviate the effects of stress related illnesses such as panic attacks, depression and anxiety.

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Most professional acupuncturists in Faversham will ask you to attend a consultation, which should take place ahead of your initial session. You'll be asked a handful of broad questions in relation to your personal lifestyle. Guage you and your ailment, and working out a plan of treatment that'll be best for your specific needs, is the intent of this preliminary consultation. The suggested plans of treatment can often be quite different even when there are two patients experiencing identical symptoms. It is possible that you'll know of some other person in Faversham with very similar problems to you who's being given a totally different acupuncture treatment solution.

When the treatment commences, needles will be positioned into the body's meridian lines that are appropriate for the patient's symptoms. These insertion areas are frequently in places that you would not immediately associate with the problem being treated. To explain more plainly, an acupuncturist will perhaps jab needles into the meridian point on the sufferer's hand to ease a migraine or a shoulder pain. It's advisable to wear loose fitting clothing when you're attending an acupuncture appointment because lots of the more frequently used meridian points are in the legs and lower limbs and clear access to these spots is required by your therapist.

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The experience of an acupuncture treatment session can frequently leave you feeling weary and sleepy. You must organize your visit to the acupuncture clinic so you don't have to drive directly after you've received the treatment. It's crucial for you to let your body recover naturally, allowing it sufficient time to relax before you continue your day. Since this feeling of lethargy could possibly last for a couple of hours, work plans may be impacted, so allow for this beforehand.

In Faversham and other regions of Kent, there are many styles of acupuncture available, some which are standalone treatments, whilst others have specific applications. Amongst the most popular procedures are: Chinese acupuncture, sonopuncture, acupressure, electro-acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, moxibustion, trigger point acupuncture, cupping therapy, fire needling, dry-needling, auricular acupuncture, guasha and some less well known ones.


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Though acupuncture is now being more accepted as a beneficial treatment, it's still regarded by the medical profession as a whole to be one of the alternative treatments, one of the most common, however still "alternative". there is an escalating number of dedicated individuals learning to be acupuncture practitioners in the United Kingdom, and its been calculated that British Acupuncture Council members complete somewhere around two million acupuncture treatments per annum. Acupuncture is now generally accepted as a useful treatment for a lot of diverse ailments and illnesses and the stigma that was previously attached to it has mostly evaporated.

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In order to prove or disprove the validity of acupuncture, various studies and tests have been conducted through the years, and the fact that they have not come to any clear and definitive conclusions is no great surprise. Many claim that there is absolutely no scientific basis for why it should work and dispel it as pure "quack medicine". Other critics suggest that any positive benefits that have taken place are a consequence of the "placebo" effect, whereby if a patient truly believes it is going to work, that's precisely what WILL actually happen. Quite simply, the "cure" was psychological, not medical. Research to bypass the "placebo effect" have also been done, whereby two groups of patients with similar complaints are split, with half being given fake acupuncture and the other half given authentic acupuncture therapy. While the results have been mixed, most appear to lean towards the "placebo effect" being the most likely.

At the end of the day, as with life experiences, the only way to find out is to try. Therefore, you've got very little to lose by having a crack at acupuncture should you have a health problem that conventional medication or treatment has been unable to treat. Should you obtain some relief, regardless how minor, then it can be regarded as a success even if the end result was simply down to the placebo effect.

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To see what's trending on social websites check this out. To find out what's happening in the realm of alternative therapies, acupressure and acupuncture visit the Acupuncture Forum. You can find a lot more info, check out research and find out ways to get acupuncture on the NHS by looking at the British Acupuncture Council website. To get more information regarding efficacy, treatment safety, acupuncture needles, how it is used around the globe, the history of acupuncture, conditions it can help with and clinical practices, you could take a look at Wikipedia and search for "Acupuncture".

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