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Acupuncture Tipton West Midlands: If you have been undergoing traditional treatments and they've failed to give you a solution to your health issue, you can try one of the "alternative treatments" for instance acupuncture or acupressure. Bear in mind any sort of treatment should depend on what issue you happen to be suffering from, acupuncture is beneficial for a large number of aches, ailments and pains. Whilst some individuals undergo frequent acupuncture procedures in Tipton in order to maintain good health, others try acupuncture to alleviate certain health conditions.

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Widely used to treat anxiety, migraine headaches, sleeping disorders, back pain, postoperative pain and arthritis, acupuncture can be practiced on sufferers of any age, even for very young children. When you're in search of an acupuncturist in Tipton, West Midlands it is best to make sure that they're members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which has around 3,000 qualified acupuncturists on its books.

Acupuncture Tipton West Midlands

A Brief Look at Acupuncture: The procedure in which fine needles are placed in the person's skin for therapeutic results is called acupuncture, and is an age old Chinese procedure that has been practiced for hundreds of years. A professional and properly trained acupuncturist can help lessen conditions linked to migraine headaches, lower back pain and osteoarthritis to mention just a few of the more frequent conditions. A key component of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as practices like herbal medicine, gua sha, bonesetter (die-da), cupping therapy, massage (tui na), dietary therapy and exercise (qigong), acupuncture is an alternative medicine and pseudoscience which is used all over the world.

Used as a way of opening up your energy channels to release the flow of life force (Qi), acupuncture has been practiced for more than three thousand yrs. The medical acupuncture therapies which are generally employed these days targets the stimulation of nerve endings just under the surface of the skin which increases the secretion of endorphins to help ease discomfort and pain around the entire body. No matter which solution you opt for, the beneficial gains of acupuncture have been analyzed and confirmed for a wide range of medical maladies. Acupuncture is also great for "relaxation" based therapies which may be used to reduce the impact of stress related illnesses like depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

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If you have never experienced acupuncture before the initial stage is a consultation before your first session, where you can discuss with a consultant acupuncturist your symptoms and you will be asked a handful of basic questions about your lifestyle. The reason for this preliminary appointment is so the acupuncturist can get to grips with you and your problems, and prepare a plan of treatment that'll be suitable for your specific requirements. The proposed treatment plans might sometimes be quite different even for people suffering from similar symptoms. So you could potentially know other people in Tipton with very much the same complaints to you who have had a different kind of acupuncture therapy.

During the procedure, needles are inserted into the meridian lines of the body which correspond to the symptoms. These areas are generally in locations that you would not immediately associate with the problem at hand. A good example might be that to be able to cure a migraine or headache the acupuncturist might insert needles in the meridian point located on the sufferer's hand. Lots of the most commonly targeted treatment spots are located on the lower limbs and legs, so it's wise to wear loosely fitting clothing to enable easy access to these spots.

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Immediately after treatment it's only natural to feel fatigue and lethargy. You ought to organize your day so that you do not have to drive a motor vehicle immediately after you have been given your treatment. This allows the body to recover naturally and slowly, giving it time to rest for a short while. This feeling of drowsiness can even last for a couple of hours, and so you must factor this into any work plans.

You'll discover there are numerous kinds of acupuncture available in Tipton, each one having its own specific objective and some serving as stand-alone treatment methods. Associated practices include treatments like: fire needling, bee venom acupuncture, moxibustion, auriculotherapy, cupping, guasha, electro-acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, sonopuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, Tui Na massage and dry-needling acupuncture.

Acupuncture - Does it Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Although needles put in certain extremities (for instance fingers and toes) might result in a sharp prick, generally speaking acupuncture rarely hurts. When the needles are inserted the patient could feel a slight pulsating or tingling, and after the needles have penetrated the client's skin, a dull aching at the treatment area. Acupuncture needles are exceptionally thin ranging from about 0.12mm to 0.35mm in thickness, and they are something like a tenth the thickness of a standard hypodermic needle (as used for injections). The thing is that what applies for one patient may not necessarily be relevant for another, as the experience of acupuncture is different for everyone, but most of the time .... no, acupuncture won't hurt you.


The Credibility of Acupuncture

Numerous tests and studies have been carried out in the past in an attempt to prove or disprove the validity of acupuncture and the outcomes of these tests have not come to any clear conclusions. Many folks believe that there is no scientific basis for why it should work and dismiss it as mere "quack medicine". Other people believe that when a favourable outcome has taken place, this is simply because of a placebo effect, meaning that if you think it really is going to cure you, it will. Therefore, the so called "cure" was psychological and not really medical. Trials to circumvent the "placebo effect" have additionally been carried out, where two groups of people with comparable complaints are separated, with one half being given sham acupuncture and the other given real acupuncture. The majority of these trials have actually suggested that the "placebo effect"is more likely than any real medical benefit being provided by acupuncture. The jury is still out as they say!

In the final analysis, the only real way to figure out if acupuncture therapy works for you is to try it out and see. Therefore, when you have a health issue that has been tormenting you, and your doctor has been unable to clear up the condition, you might look into acupuncture to find out whether that can be a benefit for you. If you obtain some relief, however minor, then it could be considered a success even if the final result was simply due to the placebo effect.

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Your local Tipton acupuncturist will help with: acupuncture for sleep in Tipton, laser acupuncture treatments, auricular acupuncture treatments in Tipton, acupuncture for obesity in Tipton, ear acupuncture therapy, acupuncture for allergies in Tipton, magnetic acupuncture therapy, cranial acupuncture therapy in Tipton, acupuncture for neck pain, acupuncture for vertigo, japanese acupuncture therapy in Tipton, acupuncture for hot flushes, moxibustion, acupuncture for stress, acupuncture for dizziness in Tipton, acupuncture for fertility, acupuncture for rheumatism, ear acupuncture treatments, acupuncture for snoring, acupuncture for anxiety in Tipton, chinese acupuncture therapy, acupuncture for arthritis, acupuncture for varicose veins, anxiety acupuncture treatments in Tipton, acupuncture for muscle tension, acupuncture for depression, acupuncture for dogs, foot acupuncture therapy, acupuncture for headaches in Tipton, acupuncture for addictions in Tipton and other acupuncture related services.

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Whilst you might be trying to find a specialist who is able to do acupuncture in Tipton, West Midlands, but you can additionally get cognitive behaviour therapy in Tipton, reflexologists in Tipton, aromatherapists in Tipton, chiropractors in Tipton, addiction therapists in Tipton, dieticians in Tipton, shiatsu therapists in Tipton, homeopathists in Tipton, nutritionists in Tipton, reiki healers in Tipton, alternative healing in Tipton, osteopaths in Tipton or any of the various alternative or Chinese therapies. Certain Tipton acupuncturists practice one or several such treatments, therefore do not be afraid to ask about them.

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