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Acupuncture Wokingham Berkshire (RG40): If you've been tormented by a medical problem and conventional medical treatments have failed to give you a solution, it might be the right time to try something different, and acupuncture could be just what the doctor ordered. Of course any sort of treatment that you take depends on what affliction you happen to be affected by, acupuncture can help an array of pains, aches and ailments. Acupuncture isn't only used to assist with particular health problems, but some folks in Wokingham have routine treatments in an effort to sustain a good level of health.

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Regularly used to treat arthritis, stress, migraine headaches, lower back pain, dental pain and sleeping disorders, acupuncture can be given to patients of all ages, even for toddlers and babies. The top acupuncturists will usually be registered with the BAcC (British Acupuncture Council), therefore if you are in need of an acupuncturist in Wokingham, make sure that they're registered with this trusted organisation.

Acupuncture Wokingham Berkshire

Acupuncture - What Does it Entail?: The ancient Chinese procedure called acupuncture, when thin needles are inserted into the patient's skin for therapeutic reasons, has been around for centuries. A specialist and skilled acupuncturist should help alleviate conditions involving osteoarthritis, migraine headaches and lower back pain to name only 3 of the commonest issues. Alongside stuff like bonesetter (die-da), cupping therapy, gua sha, dietary therapy, exercise (qigong), massage (tui na) and herbal medicine, acupuncture is used all over the world and is an alternative medicine and pseudoscience which forms a leading component of traditional Chinese medicine.

Employed as a way of opening up your energy channels to free the circulation of life force (Qi), acupuncture has been around for upwards of 3,000 yrs. The medical acupuncture treatments which are generally applied nowadays centers on the stimulation of the nerve endings situated just beneath the skin which boosts the outflow of endorphins (produced by the central nervous system) to ease irritation and pain throughout the body. If you have any concerns regarding the effectiveness of what was at one time perceived as a "quack" procedure, you can rest assured that the beneficial claims of acupuncture have been investigated and recognized for a wide variety of medical afflictions, and research has been published containing the verification found. The treatment can also be applied as a sort of relaxation technique for people troubled with fear and anxiety disorders.

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Ahead of your first procedure, you will discuss with a consultant acupuncturist your symptoms and you will be asked a few broad questions about your personal lifestyle and overall health. This helps the acupuncturist to come up with a treatment plan exclusively fashioned to suit your needs. The suggested plans of treatment may be quite different even when there are two patients suffering from identical symptoms. Therefore, don't be shocked if you come across somebody else in Wokingham who is having a completely different course of acupuncture treatment, although they are suffering from precisely the same problems as you.

Once the acupuncture treatment commences, thin needles will be introduced in the body's meridian lines that are associated with the sufferer's ailments. Such insertion areas are generally in locations that you would not automatically associate with the problem at hand. To explain more plainly, the therapist may place needles in the meridian point on the client's hand so as to get rid of a lumbar pain or a migraine headache. It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing when you are heading off for an acupuncture appointment because a lot of the more regularly used treatment points are located in the lower limbs and legs and quick access to these spots is required by your therapist.

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Undergoing an acupuncture procedure can sometimes leave you feeling weary and sleepy. So it is advised not to drive straight after the procedure. Before you continue with your busy day, it is vital that you give your body enough time to rest and allow it to recover naturally. Work plans may also be impacted since this feeling of drowsiness can maybe last for a few hours.

Bundled in the "acupuncture" discipline are a number of different sorts of treatments, some which have their own distinct applications and some that are standalone procedures. Some of these are available in the Wokingham area, for the others you'll need to travel further afield. Some of the best known related techniques are electro-acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, acupressure, auriculotherapy, dry-needling acupuncture, fire needling, bee venom acupuncture, Tui Na massage, cosmetic acupuncture, sonopuncture, guasha, Chinese acupuncture, cupping therapy and moxibustion.

Acupuncture therapies are offered in Wokingham and also in nearby places like: Swallowfield, Gardeners Green, Woosehill, Amen Corner, Eversley, Winnersh, Woodley, Arborfield, Arborfield Cross, Arborfield Garrison, Barkham, Whitley, Sindlesham, Bracknell, Wixenford, Holme Green, The Ridge, Finchampstead, Eastheath, Binfield, Popeswood, Wick Hill, Farley Hill, and in these postcodes RG40 1AW, RG40 1SE, RG40 1BJ, RG40 1ST, RG40 1UL, RG40 1EL, RG40 1EY, RG40 1EW, RG40 1UN, RG40 1EJ.

Infertility Acupuncture Wokingham

Infertility Acupuncture Wokingham (RG40)

If you are living in Wokingham and suffer from infertility issues, you could very well be searching for a helpful treatment that isn't excessively unpleasant or expensive, but can still provide a solution to your problem. Acupuncture treatments are far easier to tolerate than many alternative sorts of infertility treatment, and have been shown to be highly beneficial.

It's thought that treatment thru infertility acupuncture works because it boosts the circulation of blood to the reproductive organs, among other things. As a result of this the general health of the organ is improved. Problems like irregular cycles in women are more easily helped by infertility acupuncture procedures than a condition like a fallopian tube blockage.

Infertility acupuncture treatments are not only useful when practiced on women, but they can also be beneficial to men. On the whole, acupuncture for infertility is considered to be a fairly safe procedure in comparison to the alternative therapies, which is why it's the chosen option for a lot of people in Wokingham. (Tags: Acupuncture for Infertility Wokingham, Infertility Acupuncturist Wokingham, Infertility Acupuncture Wokingham, Infertility Acupuncture Therapy Wokingham).

Acupuncture - Does it Work?

Does Acupuncture Work?

Sufferers who are considering trying acupuncture therapy will definitely have certain worries and queries with regards to the treatment, one of the most common of these is "Does acupuncture really work?" It would be a brave man who would answer that definitively as it is a rather subjective question and is dependent upon precisely who you happen to be asking. Some patients might say "acupuncture doesn't work" since it failed to work for their specific condition, while other patients in Wokingham may claim "it's wonderful and changed my life", as it undoubtedly had positive results on their complaint. Such variations could obviously apply to other treatments and in particular to the alternative and complementary therapies, where there is always some doubts concerning the reliability and authenticity of such treatments.

Dry Needling Treatments Wokingham

Sometimes used by acupuncturists in Wokingham, dry needling is a sort of alternative therapy treatment. A type of intramuscular stimulation (IMS), dry needling is often known as the Western variation of acupuncture. Many actual exponents of alternative remedies, such as osteopaths, acupuncturists and physical therapists would state that it's much more about a knowledge of fundamental anatomy and the musculoskeletal system. Trigger points are located by the therapist as the procedure is conducted, to pinpoint the areas of the body which are afflicted by muscle pains, persistent spasms and soft tissue traumas. Issues with muscular injury, bodily imbalances and posture can be targeted by the dry needling procedure.


The Credibility of Acupuncture

Numerous studies and tests have been carried out through the years to try and prove or disprove the validity of acupuncture and the results of such trials have not come to any clear and definitive conclusions. In the opinions of many medical experts acupuncture is total "quackery" with no place in conventional medicine and absolutely no scientific grounds for why it is of any benefit to patients suffering from pain. The "placebo" effect is what other critics consider is responsible, convinced that when there has been a positive outcome to treatment it's down to the fact that the sufferer presumed that it was going to work, so it did. In other words, the cure was a psychological one as opposed to a medical one. Trials to circumvent the "placebo effect" have also been performed, where two groups of people with comparable symptoms are split, with one half being treated with mock acupuncture and the other half given real acupuncture therapy. Usually the outcomes of these trials have shown that improvements are more likely to be a placebo effect rather than any legitimate medical benefit.

To conclude, as with life experiences, the only way to find out is to try. So, you have nothing to lose by having a crack at acupuncture if you have a medical condition that conventional medication or treatment has been curing. Even if it is only attributable to the "placebo effect", any relief from pain that you are able to obtain will surely be welcome.

Moxibustion Therapy Wokingham

Moxibustion Wokingham (0118)

The burning or dried mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) to stimulate and warm acupoints on specified parts of the body, is known as moxa therapy (or moxibustion), it is sometimes used together with acupuncture and tui na (chinese massage). Moxa can be employed in a number of ways including: fixing it to the end of an acupuncture needle, in a cone shaped form which is placed on a shielding medium directly onto the body and as a moxa stick - a cigar like contraption which is lit at one end. Moxa therapy is applied to encourage healing, heat up the body and envigorate the circulation. Moxibustion is commonly employed for arthritis, digestive problems, infertility, pain relief and weakness. Moxibustion Breech - Some pregnant women who at 32-38 weeks have a baby in the breech position, seek moxibustion to remedy this tricky situation. Moxibustion promotes the release of two pregnancy hormones, which can spark uterine contractions and induce the baby to move into a better position. (Tags: Moxibustion Treatment Wokingham, Moxibustion Breech Wokingham, Moxibustion Wokingham, Moxa Therapy Wokingham)

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Wokingham Acupuncture Questions

Wokingham Acupuncture Questions

Yesterday I was looking at the types of questions that folks ask in regard to acupuncture in Wokingham. A few of our visitors tendered understandable questions that might be worth mentioning here. Those which leaped out are, "Will acupuncture help sciatica?" "How does acupuncture relieve pain?" "Are acupuncture pens any good?" "Where are acupuncture needles placed?" "Can acupuncture help fertility?" We hope the majority of those enquiries have been answered in the preceding article, and if that is not the case a "Q&A" section is something we will be adding shortly. Many thanks to Zain Simpson, Ilyas Newman, Reagan Kirk and Hannah Atkins from Wokingham, for sending in these questions. It was also brilliant to receive queries from Eliana Browne in Eversley, Josiah Eaton in Farley Hill and Ashley Marks in Eastheath.


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