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Acupuncture Ilfracombe Devon (EX34): If you happen to be troubled with a medical condition and have been unable to gain a remedy by using conventional channels you might need to give some thought to trying acupuncture. Acupuncture can help a large number of ailments, aches and pains, although any kind of treatment that you take depends on what illness you are affected by. While many individuals have frequent acupuncture procedures in Ilfracombe so that they can maintain a level of good health, others use acupuncture to help with particular medical problems.

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Regularly used for the relief of migraine headaches, sleeping problems, arthritis, stress, chronic pain and postoperative pain, acupuncture can be practiced on patients of all ages, even toddlers and babies. Whilst acupuncture and other alternative therapies are for the most part unregulated at the moment, it would be a good idea to ensure that you get an acupuncturist in Ilfracombe who is professionally qualified and who is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

Acupuncture Ilfracombe Devon

A Brief Look at Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment method whereby fine needles are inserted into the patient's skin for therapeutic results. A skilled therapist in acupuncture will help to reduce symptoms associated with migraine headaches, sleeping problems, arthritis, stress, chronic pain and postoperative pain in cases where conventional medical practices have failed to help. Along with things like cupping therapy, exercise (qigong), bonesetter (die-da), massage (tui na), dietary therapy, herbal medicine and gua sha, acupuncture is practiced all over the world and is an alternative therapy and pseudoscience which represents a principal feature of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

The acupuncture treatment has been practiced for more than three thousand years and was created as a procedure for opening the energy channels to release the motion of life force, or Qi which moves around the human body. The medical acupuncture which is normally used these days focuses on the stimulation of the nerve endings situated just underneath the surface of the skin which enhances the outflow of endorphins (produced by the central nervous system) to soothe pain and discomfort around the body. Whatever method you opt for, the benefits of acupuncture have been investigated and acknowledged for a wide variety of medical conditions. If you are affected by one of the stress type illnesses like anxiety, depression and panic attacks, you could find that some acupuncture sessions can help you in overcoming them.

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If you have never received acupuncture previously the initial stage is a consultation prior to your first session, where you can discuss your symptoms with a consultant acupuncturist and asked a handful of broad questions in relation to your personal lifestyle. The objective of this initial meeting is so the acupuncturist can assess you and your affliction, and devise a plan of treatment that'll be perfect for your specific needs. In truth, it isn't out of the ordinary for 2 individuals with quite similar symptoms to undergo 2 completely different treatment solutions. Therefore, do not be surprised if you come across some other person in Ilfracombe who's receiving a different course of acupuncture treatment, despite the fact that they are affected by exactly the same problems as you are.

When the acupuncture treatment begins, fine needles will be introduced into the body's meridian lines which are relevant for the sufferer's symptoms. At times these insertion points might be in areas that do not, at first sight, appear linked to the problem area. One example could be that in an effort to cure a severe headache the acupuncturist might stick a needle into the meridian point located on the sufferer's hand. It is wise to be wearing loose clothes when heading off for an acupuncture appointment since lots of the most frequently used treatment points are found in the legs and lower limbs and quick access to these spots is required by your therapist.

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The experience of an acupuncture treatment session can frequently make you feel drained or lethargic. Driving a vehicle immediately after treatment is therefore not a good idea. It's imperative that you let your body recuperate in a natural way, allowing it sufficient time to rest before carrying on with your day. Work plans may also be impacted considering that these feelings of drowsiness can sometimes last for some time.

There are different styles of acupuncture available in Ilfracombe, each serving a specific purpose while some act as stand-alone treatment options. Some of the best known methods include: trigger point acupuncture, moxibustion, dry-needling acupuncture, fire needling, cupping therapy, Korean acupuncture, sonopuncture, acupressure, Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, auriculotherapy, electro-acupuncture and other less well known ones.

Acupuncture treatments are offered in Ilfracombe and also nearby in: Georgeham, Hele Bay, Croyde, Combe Martin, West Down, Lee, Woolacombe, Two Potts, Pickwell, Lynton, Kentisbury, Mortehoe, Braunton, Spreacombe, Muddiford, Berrynarbor, Watermouth, Parracombe, Barnstaple, and in these postcodes EX34 8EZ, EX34 8DN, EX34 8ES, EX34 9AZ, EX34 8BW, EX34 8PL, EX34 9AX, EX34 8AZ, EX34 8AU, EX34 8DS. Checking this out will ensure you access local providers of acupuncture. Ilfracombe residents will be able to utilise these and countless other similar services.

Moxibustion Ilfracombe

Moxibustion Ilfracombe (01271)

An alternative treatment that's normally used along with acupuncture and tui na (Chinese massage), moxa therapy (or moxibustion) describes the process of burning dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) on specified parts of the body to warm and stimulate energy points. For different complaints the moxa (mugwort) can be applied in various ways, such as attaching it to the end of an acupuncture needle, in the style of a cone which is placed on a protective medium directly onto the body and as a moxa stick - a cigar shaped contraption that is lit at one end. Moxibustion (moxa therapy) is applied to encourage healing, envigorate the circulation and warm up the body. Moxibustion is commonly used for pain alleviation, weakness, digestive problems, infertility and arthritis. Moxibustion Breech - Sometimes pregnant mothers who at 32-38 weeks have breech babies, seek moxibustion to resolve this stressful situation. Moxibustion is said to stimulate the release of 2 pregnancy hormones, which can activate uterine contractions and induce the baby to move position.


The Credibility of Acupuncture

There have been lots of tests and studies which have tried to disprove or prove the validity of acupuncture as a pain treatment and the results of these tests have been mainly inconclusive. In the eyes of many medical experts acupuncture is pure "quackery" with no rightful place in conventional medicine and absolutely no scientific grounds for why it can be of any help to patients. Other critics theorise that any positive benefits which have taken place are a consequence of the "placebo" effect, whereby if a patient believes it will work, that is exactly what WILL in fact happen. Therefore, the so called "cure" was merely psychological and not medically based. Trials to circumvent the "placebo effect" have also been done, where two groups of people with comparable complaints are split, with one group being "treated" with fake acupuncture and the other given genuine acupuncture. Although results have been mixed, most seem to lean in the direction of the "placebo effect" being the most likely.

In the final analysis, the only irrefutable way to find out if acupuncture therapy works for you is to test it and see. So, if you have a health issue that's been aggravating you for some time, and conventional treatment or medication been unable to solve the condition, you could consider acupuncture to find out if that can be a benefit for you. Should you get some relief, regardless how minor, even if it is merely because of the "placebo effect", then it should be looked at as a success.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Although acupuncture needles inserted in the extremities might result in a sharp prick, as a rule acupuncture rarely hurts. As the acupuncture needles are inserted the client could feel a pulsating or tingling, and after the skin has been penetrated, a dull ache at the treatment area. Acupuncture needles are extraordinarily thin measuring from around 0.12mm to 0.35mm in thickness, that means they are about a tenth the thickness of a traditional hypodermic needle (the kind used for injections). The reality is what's true for one client will perhaps not be germane for another, given that the experience of acupuncture is somewhat different for everybody, but in general .... no, acupuncture will not hurt you.

Acupuncture Points and Acupuncture Meridians

Acupuncture Needles Ilfracombe - Acupuncture Points

Traditional Chinese Medicine lists in excess of four hundred acupuncture points in the body and most of these are situated on one of the pathways (meridians) which carry the life energy (qi) and influence health and wellbeing. The main or primary meridians that are used in acupuncture treatments - the large intestine, the heart, the lung, the stomach, the triple energizer, the small intestine, the gallbladder, the kidney, the liver, the bladder, the spleen, the pericardium - number 12 in total, are all related to the body's internal organs. The other eight which are referred to as "extraordinary" meridians haven't any direct connections with the body's organs but purely share connections with the primary meridians. Each and every one of these points are distinguished by the meridian (pathway) on which they're located and their numbers coincide with the point sequence upon that particular channel. These acupuncture points have been assigned some unique names and the following ones - Broken Sequence, Fish Border, Maximum Opening, Palace of Heaven, Lesser Shang, Middle Palace, Supreme Abyss, Channel Gutter, Cloud Gate, Clasping the White, Cubit Marsh - are the eleven which are affiliated with the lung, and are numbered LU-1 to LU-12, although not in that exact order.

The Popularity of Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Pain Relief Ilfracombe

Despite the fact that within the medical profession, acupuncture is considered to be one of the alternative therapies, it is undoubtedly one of the more accepted and frequently used of that group, and it's now being more accepted as a helpful treatment. Estimations by the British Acupuncture Council indicate that its signed up members presently perform roughly 2 million acupuncture procedures each year throughout the British Isles, and there's a fast growing army of exponents wishing to become accredited therapists. Acupuncture is currently generally accepted as an effectual treatment for numerous diverse illnesses and complaints and the stigma that was once associated with it has largely faded away.

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Ilfracombe Acupuncture Questions

Ilfracombe Acupuncture Questions

Over the last couple of days I've been thinking about the most common questions that people ask on the topic of acupuncture in Ilfracombe. Quite a few of our visitors tendered some insightful enquiries that may be applicable to this article. Those which I chose are, "Are acupuncture needles re-used?" "Does acupuncture really work?" "Where are acupuncture points?" "Can acupuncture help with depression?" "Will acupuncture help back pain?" The majority of these queries will have hopefully been covered in the preceding article, and if some remain unanswered a "Questions and Answers" section will be added in the near future. Our appreciation goes out to these people in Ilfracombe for finding the time to send in their questions; Hunter Cooper, Emmanuel Bradley, Mateusz Buckley and Maria Howe. Questions were also put forward by Rebecca Wallis in Barnstaple, Aaron Groves in Combe Martin and Isabelle Beard in Lee.


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