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Acupuncture Lymington Hampshire (SO41): If you have been going through traditional medical procedures and they have been unsuccessful in giving you any relief from your health issue, you could try one of the so called "alternative treatments" for instance acupressure or acupuncture. Acupuncture can be helpful for all sorts of aches, ailments and pains, although any sort of treatment that you take is determined by what disorder you're suffering from. Whilst some people have regular acupuncture procedures in Lymington in an effort to maintain a level of good health, others try acupuncture to help with specific medical conditions.

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Patients of any age, even babies and toddlers can receive acupuncture therapies and the practice is frequently used to relieve complaints such as anxiety, chronic pain, sleeping problems, dental pain, arthritis and headaches. Whilst acupuncture and some other "alternative treatments" are on the whole unregulated at this time, it would be advised to make certain you get an acupuncture therapist in Lymington who is qualified and who is affiliated with the BAcC.

Acupuncture Lymington Hampshire

Acupuncture - An Outline: Acupuncture is an old Chinese treatment where thin needles are inserted into the patient's skin for therapeutic reasons. A proficient and specialist acupuncturist may help soothe problems connected with migraine headaches, osteoarthritis and lower back pain to mention a few of the more common conditions. In addition to things like cupping therapy, herbal medicine, massage (tui na), dietary therapy, gua sha, exercise (qigong) and bonesetter (die-da), acupuncture is used around the world and is a pseudoscience and alternative therapy which represents a leading element of traditional Chinese medicine.

Practiced for over 3,000 years, acupuncture was adopted as a methodology for opening your energy channels to free the flow of life force, or Qi, to aid pain relief. Contemporary medical acupuncture targets the stimulation of nerve endings just under the surface of the skin which raises the release of endorphins to soothe pain around the body. The benefits of acupuncture have been reviewed and identified for a significant number of medical maladies. Acupuncture is also ideal for "relaxation" centred therapies which are applied to relieve the effects of stress type problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

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Most certified acupuncturists in Lymington will ask you to attend a preliminary consultation, which will occur before your 1st session of treatment. You'll be asked a handful of typical questions regarding your lifestyle. Guage you and your problems, and working out a plan of treatment that will be perfect for your precise requirements, is the objective of this initial meeting. The proposed treatment plans can often be entirely different even for patients who are suffering from similar issues. Thus you may have a friend in Lymington with similar complaints to you who have received some other kind of acupuncture therapy.

In the course of treatment, the slender needles are inserted into the body's meridian lines that correspond to the symptoms of the sufferer. In many instances these insertion points might be in areas that don't, at first, appear associated with the problem area. A good example could be that in an effort to treat a severe headache the acupuncturist might stick a needle into the meridian point located on the sufferer's hand. Considerable numbers of the more frequently used treatment spots are located on the legs and lower limbs, so it is a smart idea to wear loosely fitting clothing to enable reasonable access to those locations.

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The experience of an acupuncture procedure can frequently leave you feeling weary and worn out. Driving a car straight after a session is thereby not encouraged. This allows the body to come round in a natural way, allowing it to rest for a short while. This feeling of listlessness could possibly continue for several hours, therefore you need to factor this into your work plans.

You will find there are several kinds of acupuncture available in Lymington, each having its own particular objective whilst some serve as stand-alone treatment options. Some of the most common related techniques are Chinese acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, cupping therapy, trigger point acupuncture, dry-needling acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, fire needling, tuina, sonopuncture, Japanese acupuncture, bee venom acupuncture, moxibustion, acupressure and Tui Na massage.

Acupuncture therapies are available in Lymington and also in nearby places like: Walhampton, Pennington, Mount Pleasant, Portmore, Upper Pennington, Hordle, Pilley, Sway, Everton, Boldre, Woodside, East Boldre, Beaulieu, Buckland, and in these postcodes SO41 1EL, SO41 5SG, SO41 1FU, SO41 3QD, SO41 3NB, SO41 1FR, SO41 3RY, SO41 3RB, SO41 3NN, and SO41 3NE. Checking this out can guarantee you access local providers of acupuncture. Lymington residents can benefit from these and various other pain relief services.

Dermatological Complaints

Dermatological and skin complaints, respond well to acupuncture treatments. Acupuncturists in Lymington will offer treatments for:

  • Pigmentation
  • Hair loss
  • Surgery Adhesions
  • Scarring
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Dandruff
  • Varicose veins
  • Eczema
  • Wrinkles/Expression Lines
  • Herpes Zoster
  • Nerve rash
  • Dermatitis

Skin complaints are a very common condition which many people in Lymington seek help for. Eczema affects 76% of all skin conditions and psoriasis affects 22%. Patients usually seek alternative or natural therapies as Western drugs such corticosteroids do not work and come with unpleasant side effects. With the correct Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupuncture and lifestyle advice there is usually a significant improvement in their skin with no side effects of conventional drugs.

All patients should receive a comprehensive information sheet regarding diet and lifestyle advice for their skin condition.

Moxibustion Therapy Lymington

Moxibustion Lymington (01590)

The burning or dried mugwort (moxa) to stimulate and warm energy points on specific parts of the body, is known as moxibustion (or moxa therapy), it is sometimes used together with acupuncture and tui na. The moxa (mugwort) can be applied by various procedures including: in the form of a cone which is set on a protective medium directly on the body, fixing it to the tip of an acupuncture needle and as a moxa stick - a cigar like contrivance which is lit at one end. Moxa therapy is used to stimulate the circulation, encourage healing and warm up the body. Moxibustion is commonly practiced for infertility, lack of energy, arthritis, the relief of pain and digestive problems. Moxibustion Breech - Some pregnant women with babies in the breech position, try moxibustion treatments to rectify this breech presentation (normally at 32-38 weeks).

Cupping Therapy Lymington

Cupping therapy is a technique that uses heated cups to create local suction on the skin. It has its origins in Asia, but is also practiced in Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. The practice has often been described as quackery and pseudoscience despite its widespread use. But what exactly does it do?

Cupping Therapy Lymington

Cupping therapy involves placing a warm-to-hot cup over certain areas of skin to create a suction effect that aids in the circulation of blood and lymph. The therapist heats the cup using herbs, paper and alcohol. This causes the skin to rise and the blood vessels to expand. The procedure normally lasts between five and ten minutes.

Cupping sessions can be done 2 or 3 times per week. It is often coupled with acupuncture to produce the most beneficial results. Some folks find that cupping therapy helps them to recover from acupuncture treatment much quicker. Besides boosting the healing effect of acupuncture, cupping can also provide a temporary relief from chronic pain.

Cupping therapy is also good for treating tight muscles. The suction created by the cups will lift the tissues and push the muscle fibres apart, increasing range of movement and flexibility. Tight muscles are often caused by high muscle tone, which restricts motion. Cupping releases high muscle tone by increasing soft tissue temperature, increasing circulation, and breaking down adhesions.

Acupuncture Meridians and Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture Needles Lymington - Acupuncture Points

Chinese Medicine acknowledges over four hundred acupuncture points in the body of a human and pretty much all of these are found on one or other of the meridians or pathways that transport our life energy (qi or chi) and influence health and wellness. The primary meridians used in acupuncture therapy - the pericardium, the bladder, the lung, the heart, the small intestine, the triple energizer, the stomach, the large intestine, the kidney, the liver, the gallbladder, the spleen - number twelve in all, are all associated with the internal organs of the body. The other eight which are known as "extraordinary" meridians have no direct connections with the organs but merely share points with the major meridians. Each of these points can be distinguished by the meridian (pathway) where they are located and their identifying numbers match the sequence upon that channel. There are some weird names that are associated with these acupuncture points and these eleven - Lesser Shang, Supreme Abyss, Middle Palace, Fish Border, Palace of Heaven, Clasping the White, Broken Sequence, Cloud Gate, Cubit Marsh, Maximum Opening, Channel Gutter - are the ones for the lungs, which are numbered LU-1 - LU-12.

Acupuncture - Does it Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Although acupuncture involves the insertion of sharp needles, the process hardly ever hurts, other than a sharp prick when working on the toes and fingers. A slight tingling or pulsating sensation might be experienced as the acupuncture needle is inserted and maybe a dull ache round the base of the needle once it's penetrated the skin of the client. This is mostly because the acupuncture needles are only one tenth the thickness of a typical hypodermic needle (the ones used for administering injections), and they range from approximately 0.12mm to 0.35mm thick. The acupuncture experience is actually different for each and every client and at the end of the day what's true for one will perhaps not be germane for another, but the general rule is .... no, acupuncture doesn't hurt at all.


Acupuncture for Pain Relief Lymington

Even though acupuncture is now being more accepted as an effective therapy, it's still perceived by the medical community to be within the alternative treatments, one of the most favoured, yet still "alternative". It's calculated that members of the British Acupuncture Council undertake over 2.3 million acupuncture procedures every year and there's a constantly increasing number of dedicated individuals training to be acupuncture practitioners in the UK. Much of the stigma that was previously attached to acupuncture has largely faded away, and today it is generally accepted as a valuable treatment for numerous diverse complaints and illnesses.

Related Treatments

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Information and Advice

Acupuncture Information Lymington

Find out more about regarding how it is used around the globe, safety, conditions that can be helped, clinical practices, acupuncture needles, efficacy and the history of acupuncture, visit the Wikipedia acupuncture page. To join the world of acupressure, alternative therapies and acupuncture visit the Acupuncture Forum. Threads include acupressure, alternative medicine and acupuncture. Visit the British Acupuncture Council website to identify fully qualified acupuncturists. To see what's happening acupuncture on social media check this out.

Like with a lot of stuff these days, there are numerous helpful You Tube videos on the subject of acupuncture, so if you want to see acupuncturists in action have a look at this.

Lymington Acupuncture Questions

Lymington Acupuncture Questions

Yesterday I was researching the sorts of questions that people ask regarding acupuncture in Lymington. A good few of our visitors have sent in justifiable queries that are relevant to this blog post. Those that I chose are, "Which acupuncture points for headache?" "Can acupuncture help sciatica?" "Will acupuncture help shoulder pain?" "Why doesn't acupuncture bleed?" "How does acupuncture work?" I hope most of those enquiries have been addressed in this short article, and if some still need to be addressed a "Questions and Answers" feature is a feature we will be adding soon. My thanks go to Felix Marshall, Preston Dixon, Dillon Arnold and Norah Thorpe, for finding the time to pose these excellent questions. We were also grateful to receive appropriate contributions from Stella Shah in Walhampton, Colton Sadler in Pennington and Ryleigh Guy in Mount Pleasant.


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