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Acupuncture Thatcham Berkshire (RG18): If you're tormented by a health issue and have not been able to get an answer by using traditional medical practices you might like to think about giving acupuncture a shot. Acupuncture can help a wide variety of pains, aches and ailments, although any sort of treatment depends on what issue you happen to be battling with. While some people seek acupuncture treatments in Thatcham to treat certain health problems, other people have recurring procedures as a means to maintain general good health.

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Acupuncture is used widely to treat postoperative pain, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, headaches and neck pain and can be given to patients of any age, even babies. The most respected acupuncturists will normally be members of the BAcC (British Acupuncture Council), therefore if you are attempting to find an acupuncturist in Thatcham, make certain that they are signed up with this reputable body.

Acupuncture Thatcham Berkshire

About Acupuncture: The process where fine needles are placed in the client's skin to achieve remedial results is called acupuncture, and is an old Chinese therapy which has been used for centuries. A professional specialist in acupuncture has the ability to minimize conditions linked to postoperative pain, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, headaches and neck pain in instances where conventional medical procedures have been unsuccessful. An alternative treatment and pseudoscience which is used throughout the world, acupuncture is a principal element of traditional Chinese medicine as well as stuff like exercise (qigong), dietary therapy, gua sha, cupping therapy, bonesetter (die-da), massage (tui na) and herbal medicine.

Employed as a method of opening the energy channels to release the circulation of life force (Qi), acupuncture has been around for more than three thousand years. Increasing the release of endorphins to soothe pain around the body, modern medical acupuncture therapy targets the stimulation of nerve endings located just beneath the skin layer. The beneficial claims of acupuncture therapies have been reviewed and identified for a significant number of medical conditions. Acupuncture can in addition be utilized as a kind of relaxation treatment for individuals dealing with stress and panic problems.

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Ahead of your first session, you will discuss with a consultant acupuncturist your symptoms and asked a few general questions with regards to your lifestyle and overall health and wellness. This chat allows the acupuncture specialist to prepare a treatment plan designed specifically for your needs. Often, it's not uncommon for two patients with quite similar symptoms to receive 2 completely different treatment options. Consequently you may know someone else in Thatcham with similar issues to you who have undergone a different type of acupuncture treatment.

The treatment involves inserting tiny needles into the meridian lines in the body which correspond to the patient's particular symptoms. These insertion points are sometimes in locations that you wouldn't automatically connect with the problem being treated. For example, a needle is inserted into a meridian point on a patient's hand to ease a migraine headache. Most of the regularly used treatment points are located in the legs and lower limbs, therefore when you're booked in for an acupuncture appointment, wearing loose clothing to enable clear access is usually advisable.

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Immediately after treatment you are likely to feel fatigue and lethargy. Therefore it is recommended that you don't drive straight after treatment. It's crucial that you let your body recover in a natural way, giving it sufficient time to rest before carrying on with your day. These feelings of lethargy can even continue for a couple of hours, so you must factor this into any work plans that you have.

In Thatcham and other parts of Berkshire, there are different kinds of acupuncture on offer, some that act as standalone treatments, whilst others have specific objectives. Related practices include disciplines like: moxibustion, Tui Na massage, cosmetic acupuncture, dry-needling, sonopuncture, trigger point acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, fire needling, bee venom acupuncture, acupressure, tuina, auriculotherapy, cupping therapy, electro-acupuncture and Chinese acupuncture.

Acupuncture therapies are offered in Thatcham and also in: Bucklebury, Upper Bucklebury, Bishops Green, Colthrop, Crookham Common, Marlston Hermitage, Miles's Green, Ashmore Green, Curridge, Upper Woolhampton, Stanford Dingley, Heads Hill, Bradfield Southend, Benham Hill, The Slade, Henwick, Greenham, Tutts Clump, Beenham, Brimpton, Midgham, and in these postcodes RG18 3QY, RG18 3AR, RG18 4DG, RG18 4BU, RG18 4DY, RG18 3AE, RG18 3AP, RG18 4ES, RG18 3BB, and RG18 3BZ. Verifying this will guarantee you access locally based providers of acupuncture. Thatcham residents can utilise these and lots of other pain relief services.

Dry Needle Therapy Thatcham

An alternative treatment method which is commonly practiced by acupuncturists and physical therapists in Thatcham, dry needling has become a popular kind of procedure. A sort of intramuscular stimulation, dry needling is often known as the "Western Acupuncture". The numerous advocates who practice dry needling treatments in Thatcham, would however express that it is more a case of understanding neuroanatomy and the musculoskeletal system. Trigger points are uncovered by the dry needling therapist as the procedure is performed, to pinpoint areas of the body that are afflicted by recurring spasms, muscle pain and soft tissue traumas. The dry needling technique is targeted towards issues with bodily imbalances, muscular damage and poor posture.

Cupping Therapy Thatcham

Cupping therapy is a method that creates a local suction on the skin by placing a heated cup over certain areas of the skin. It is primarily practiced in Asia but is also quite common in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Despite its widespread use, some experts argue that cupping therapy is simply quackery and pseudoscience.

The most common part of the body to receive cupping treatment is the back, but it can also be performed on the abdomen, buttocks and legs. Patients can even get cupping done on their faces, although this is quite rare. Some people may experience some bruising at the cupping site. However, this fades away within ten days.

Cupping therapy is also a good option for treating tight muscles. The suction created by the cups will lift the tissues and push the muscle fibres apart, increasing range of movement and flexibility. Tight muscles are often caused by high muscle tone, which restricts motion. Cupping releases high muscle tone by increasing soft tissue temperature, increasing circulation, and breaking down adhesions. (Tags: Cupping Therapy Thatcham, Suction Cup Therapy Thatcham, Cupping Thatcham, Therapy Cupping Thatcham)

Dermatological Acupuncture

Dermatological and skin complaints, respond well to acupuncture treatments. Acupuncturists in Thatcham will offer treatments for:

  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Herpes Zoster
  • Surgery Adhesions
  • Nerve rash
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Expression Lines/Wrinkles
  • Varicose veins
  • Dandruff
  • Scarring

Skin complaints are a very common condition which many people in Thatcham seek help for. Eczema affects 76% of all skin conditions and psoriasis affects 22%. Patients usually seek alternative or natural therapies as Western drugs such corticosteroids do not work and come with unpleasant side effects. With the correct Chinese Herbal Medicine, lifestyle advice and acupuncture there is usually a significant improvement in their skin with no side effects of conventional drugs.

Acupuncture - Does it Really Work?

Does Acupuncture Work?

"Does acupuncture work?" is a typical question that's often asked and I believe that there's not a definitive response to a question like that considering it's rather subjective and depends upon precisely who you ask. Certain patients will say "it doesn't work" since it didn't work for their specific condition, whilst other patients will proclaim "acupuncture is incredible and transformed my life", because it quite plainly had a positive effect on them. Similar differences might naturally apply to many medical procedures and in particular to the alternative and complementary therapies, where there's normally serious doubts regarding the credibility and reliability of such treatments.

Moxibustion Thatcham

Moxibustion Thatcham (01635)

An alternative therapy that is regularly used in combination with acupuncture and tui na, moxibustion (or moxa therapy) describes the process of burning dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) on specific areas of the body to warm and stimulate acupoints (energy points). Moxa can be used in various ways including: as a moxa stick - a cigar shaped object which is lit at one end, fixing it to the tip of an acupuncture needle and in the form of a cone which is placed on a protective medium directly onto the body. Moxibustion is employed to warm up the body, stimulate the circulation and encourage healing. Moxa therapy is often employed for pain relief, digestive problems, lack of energy, arthritis and infertility. Moxibustion Breech - Sometimes pregnant mums with breech babies, try moxibustion treatments to correct this breech presentation (generally at 32-38 weeks). (Tags: Moxibustion Thatcham, Moxibustion Breech Thatcham, Moxibustion Therapy Thatcham, Moxa Therapy Thatcham)

Infertility Acupuncture Thatcham

Infertility Acupuncture Thatcham (RG18)

If you are experiencing infertility issues and are hunting for a suitable treatment in Thatcham that isn't prohibitively unpleasant or pricey, you may want to think about acupuncture as an answer. Infertility acupuncture treatments have not only proven to be beneficial, but are also far easier to undergo than some alternative sorts of therapy.

It's felt that treatment thru infertility acupuncture is effective due to the fact that it increases the blood flow to the reproductive organs, among others. As a consequence of this the overall health of the organ is improved. This might not always be the right treatment, like for instance with a condition such as a blockage in a tube, but is really effective for problems like irregular cycles in women.

Infertility acupuncture treatments aren't only useful when administered on women, but they can also have a beneficial effect on men. Lots of people in Thatcham give infertility acupuncture a try, as it's a comparatively safe treatment in comparison with some others. (Tags: Acupuncture for Infertility Thatcham, Infertility Acupuncturist Thatcham, Infertility Acupuncture Thatcham, Fertility Acupuncturists Thatcham).

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